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Layne Norton and Eric Helms have some similarities in their areas of interest and expertise as well as their career paths. However, they have different personalities and distinct approaches to science communication. That’s what makes this one on one discussion between Eric and Layne interesting and relevant. Each appro

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Layne Norton, Ph.D. is a scientist, pro natural bodybuilder, raw elite powerlifter, and physique coach, among other things. He received his BS in Biochemistry, and his PhD in Nutritional Sciences. Layne and Jill haven’t always seen eye to eye, which makes this show incredibly fun and different. They dig in on all the r

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Bryan Callen + Brendan Schaub & Layne Norton 23 Mar 2023 • EN

Is Bryan Callen Leaving TFATK? | Layne Norton In-Studio | TFATK Ep. 880

Bryan addresses rumors he's leaving TFATK and guest Layne Norton joins the guys to talk muscle growth, competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting as a natty, bro science, why being skinny or obese are more similar than you'd think, being diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, the calorie debate and much more! Morgan & Mor

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Ed Mylett & Layne Norton 20 Dec 2022 • EN

No BS Health & Fitness Guide w/ Dr. Layne Norton

This week, Dr. Layne Norton is giving you a NO BS FIT GUIDE for you to take into 2023.Think you have heard it all? Know everything there is to know? Think again!I’ve been training in the gym for 30 years, and had so many experts on my show… And I was blown away by what I learned in this interview!You’re going to learn

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View the Show Notes Page for This Episode Become a Member to Receive Exclusive Content Sign Up to Receive Peter’s Weekly Newsletter Layne Norton holds a Ph.D. in nutritional sciences and is a physique coach, natural bodybuilder and powerlifter, and two-time previous podcast guest. In this episode, Layne discusses his t

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Andrew Huberman & Layne Norton 07 Nov 2022 • EN

Dr. Layne Norton: The Science of Eating for Health, Fat Loss & Lean Muscle

My guest is Layne Norton, Ph.D. — one of the world’s foremost experts in nutrition, protein metabolism, muscle gain and fat loss. We discuss the science of energy utilization and balance, the efficacy of different diets (e.g., ketogenic, vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, omnivore), and how best to build lean muscle mass an

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