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Russell Brand & Nick Ortner 09 Sep 2023 • EN

On Calming Stress and Anxiety--with Tapping, ft. Nick Ortner

Best-selling author of The Tapping Solution, Nick Ortner is here! He describes the technique known as Tapping, which is a natural healing method that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. . Nick tells us the science behind Tapping (also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT) and describes h

80 min
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Paris Hilton & Nick Ortner 14 Sep 2022 • EN

Wellness Wednesdays with Nick Ortner

Paris is joined by Nick Ortner, the creator and Executive Producer of the hit documentary film ‘The Tapping Solution.’  TTS is a breakthrough therapy that claims to reduce stress by 41% in under 10 minutes. It’s something we could all use (if you say you’re not stressed then you may also need therapy for denial) …and w

32 min
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Russell Brand & Nick Ortner 23 Jan 2021 • EN

#169 Tapping & Anxiety Hacks (with Nick Ortner)

This week’s guest on Under The Skin is founder of the Tapping Solution, Nick Ortner. Tapping is a natural healing method also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EMF). It is a healing modality that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. Nick tells us the science behind Tapping and how it effects

18 min
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Here"s the notes for episode #272 of Well-Fed Women. Be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new episode, and head over to Apple Podcasts or Stitcher to subscribe!To leave a review for the podcast (HORRAY!), go to: this episode, Noelle and Nick Ortner discuss using tapping

59 min
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Koya Webb & Nick Ortner 13 May 2020 • EN

Heal Your Anxiety and Fear Through Tapping with Nick Ortner

“It needs to come from a place of love.” Notes:How Nick relieves his own stress through tapping (2:54)How Nick figures out the best next step in his life (10:12)How Nick sorts through things in the news to preserve his energy (19:40)How meditating factors into Nick’s practice (29:10)How the individual’s effort is impor

51 min
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Jeff Krasno & Nick Ortner 30 Apr 2020 • EN

Tapping to Let Go with Nick Ortner

Is your personal narrative true? Or do you manipulate and aggregate past phenomena to support your current story? Today, Nick Ortner, CEO of The Tapping Solution, talks about how the simple technique of tapping can powerfully address fear and anxiety and aid the process of healing. Plus, experience a short tapping sess

54 min
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