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Dr. Mark Goulston is dying to tell you about what mortality is teaching him. He is a distinguished psychiatrist, a hostage negotiations trainer, and death and dying specialist who is facing his own mortality and the universe is telling him to share what he's learned from 50 years of listening. He says that if he knew t

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Mark Goulston & Nataly Kogan 17 Oct 2023 • EN

Ep 559 - Nataly Kogan

In this episode I speak with returning guest, Nataly Kogan, a Russian refugee, author of "The Awesome Human Project" and her follow up book, "The Awesome Human Journal," whose wakeup call was becoming burned out after a highly successful career with McKinsey and Microsoft and founder or executive and five startups and

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Death is a natural part of life, but our ideas and dreams can live beyond us - and be an inspiration for generations to come. Today, our guest is a dear friend and mentor, Dr. Mark Goulston. During his long career, Mark moved from being a psychiatrist and FBI hostage negotiator to being one of the most highly regarded

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Mark Goulston & Suneel Gupta 03 Oct 2023 • EN

Ep 556 - Suneel Gupta

In this episode I speak with returning guest, Suneel Gupta, author of, "EVERYDAY DHARMA: 8 Essential Practices for Finding Success and Joy in Everything," whose wakeup call was failing at two tech startups and becoming famous for that just as the movement of sharing and learning from failures caught on. In his wonderfu

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Mark Goulston & Scott Robertson 26 Sep 2023 • EN

Ep 554 - Scott Robertson

In this episode I speak with Scott Robertson, author of, "Just Stop It: Your Survival Guide to Marketing Myths, Mistakes and Misgivings," musician and long time successful marketing specialist who believes in serving and caring about his clients more than money and whose through line and wakeup calls have been his deep

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Mark Goulston & Alicia Dunams 17 Jul 2023 • EN

Ep 524 - Alicia Dunams

In this episode I speak to Alicia Dunams, author of, "How to Talk to Your Enemies: 101+ Ways to Turn Hostility into Peace," mediator, executive coach, and owner of, "Best Seller in a Weekend," whose wakeup call was learning to be a peacemaker between her multi-racial parents.

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