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This week, we revisit our interview with David Burkus, one of the world’s leading business thinkers. David’s forward-thinking ideas and bestselling books are changing how companies approach innovation, collaboration, and productivity. As a skilled researcher and inspiring communicator, Burkus’ award-winning books have

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Robert Glazer & David Burkus 05 Dec 2023 • EN

David Burkus On Building High-Performing Teams

Dr. David Burkus’ forward-thinking ideas and bestselling books help leaders build high performing, cohesive, engaged professional teams. A former business school professor, David now works with leaders from organizations across all industries, including PepsiCo, Fidelity, Adobe, and NASA--and he's also authored multipl

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Kevin Eikenberry & David Burkus 12 Oct 2023 • EN

The Science of High Performance Teams with Dr. David Burkus

Team culture will always impact team performance. Dr. David Burkus joins Kevin to talk about the importance of teams in organizations and how they play a crucial role in making things happen. He has found that to build the best team, you must first shape the habits and practices that bring out the best in each team mem

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Whitney Johnson & David Burkus 25 Jul 2023 • EN

331 David Burkus: Trust, Risk and Respect

We form teams every day. Boarding a plane, figuring out the best place for overhead bags. On the highway, we form impromptu caravans to squeeze through traffic. There are the more formal teams, too, the ones we occupy at work or at home. We’re all teammates. So how can we be better? David Burkus has the answer. The bes

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This week’s guest is making a repeat appearance (or should I say, “three-peat” appearance?). It’s been a while since his last visit, but I can say it is definitely worth the wait. His name is David Burkus. We previously chatted with David about his books Friend of a Friend and Under New Management. His new […] The post

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Chris Duffy & David Burkus 08 Feb 2021 • EN

How to thrive in remote work (with David Burkus)

Water coolers, office bagels, frigid spaces with fluorescent lighting. Today's episode is all about work. It’s how we pay the bills, but it’s also how many of us derive purpose, meaning and structure from our days. Whether you're unemployed, salaried, or your own boss, the world of work is changing. David Burkus sees t

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