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Pete Mockaitis & Christine Porath 25 May 2023 • EN

868: Fostering the Sense of Community at Work with Christine Porath

Christine Porath discusses why community is critical to well-being and shares powerful examples of how to build it in the workplace.  — YOU’LL LEARN —  1) The astounding benefits of a sense of community.  2) The one thing to avoid with community-building activities.  3) How vulnerability leads to richer communities.  S

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Alison Beard & Christine Porath 22 Nov 2022 • EN

Let's Protect Our Frontline Workers from Rude Customers

From videos of drunk and disorderly airline passengers to stories of hospital visitors angrily refusing to wear masks, customer-facing work seems to have gotten a lot more difficult – even dangerous -- over the past few years. It's important that organizations understand the experience of frontline workers now, and hel

25 min
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Mitch Joel & Christine Porath 26 Jun 2022 • EN

SPOS #833 - Christine Porath On Mastering Community

Welcome to episode #833 of Six Pixels of Separation. Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - Episode #833 - Host: Mitch Joel. What does it mean to build a community? How powerful are communities? Have communities become to insular lately? Christine Porath is a tenured professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough Schoo

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On this episode, Andrew is joined by Christine Porath, author of Mastering Community: The Surprising Ways Coming Together Moves Us from Surviving to Thriving. Christine Porath is a tenured professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. She’s the author of Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Work

34 min
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Chris Duffy & Christine Porath 12 Jul 2021 • EN

How to deal with jerks in the workplace (with Christine Porath)

Have you ever had a rude co-worker or boss — or have you ever been told that the “jerk” is you? Today’s guest, Christine Porath, researches incivility in the workplace. She’s found that if you want to have a thriving business full of happy and talented employees, there is no room for any kind of disrespect. In this epi

26 min
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Dan Harris & Christine Porath 04 Sep 2019 • EN

Civility Pays, Christine Porath

For Christine Porath, meditation was one way of coping with a toxic work environment. Her own experience, paired with watching her father suffer a serious health scare tied to his own harmful workplace atmosphere, led to her interest in researching civility in the workplace. She shares with us her findings, such as how

74 min
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