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Jonathan McCrea & Julia Shaw 26 Jul 2022 • EN

Futureproof Extra: The Science of Bisexuality

Dr. Julia Shaw, a psychological scientist at University College London and the author of ‘Bi: The Hidden Culture, History, and Science of Bisexuality’ joins Jonathan to discuss her work in uncovering the many surprising truths behind sexual orientation and bisexuality as a whole.

18 min
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Amy Barrett & Julia Shaw 17 Oct 2021 • EN

Psychology of evil, with Dr Julia Shaw

Criminal psychologist Dr Julia Shaw tells us how false memories can sway a trial and whether evil truly exists. Once you’ve mastered the basics with Instant Genius, dive deeper with Instant Genius Extra, where you’ll find longer, richer discussions about the most exciting ideas in the world of science and technology. O

37 min
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Sara Rigby & Julia Shaw 07 Sep 2020 • EN

Dr Julia Shaw: Why do we do bad things?

Everyone does bad things. We know deep down are wrong, but we do them anyway. Sometimes, people do things so bad that we call them evil. Criminal psychologist Dr Julia Shaw says there’s no such thing as evil. In her book Making Evil, she argues that we should ditch the idea altogether, and try to understand so-called “

45 min
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Scott Barry Kaufman & Julia Shaw 05 Dec 2019 • EN

Julia Shaw || Humanizing Evil

“I firmly believe there is no person, no group, no behavior, no thing that is objectively evil. Perhaps evil only really exists in our fears.” -- Julia Shaw Today it’s great to have Dr. Julia Shaw on the podcast. Dr. Shaw is a psychological scientist at UCL. She is best known for her work in the areas of memory and cri

73 min
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Neil Denny & Julia Shaw 26 Feb 2019 • EN

Little Atoms 560 - Dr Julia Shaw's Making Evil

Dr Julia Shaw is a scientist in the Department of Psychology at University College London (UCL). Her academic work, teaching and role as an expert witness have focused on different ways of understanding criminal behaviour. Dr Shaw has consulted as an expert on criminal cases, delivered police-training and military work

33 min
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Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Julia Shaw 26 Sep 2016 • EN

Editing Our Pasts: Dr. Julia Shaw on The Illusion of Memory

Dr. Julia Shaw is a psychological scientist and senior researcher in the Department of Law and Social Science at London South Bank University. She teaches at the undergraduate and graduate level and her research on false memory has been published in several international academic journals. She returns to Point of Inqui

31 min
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