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Tina Seelig & Kevin Systrom 03 Jun 2020 • EN

Kevin Systrom (Instagram) - How Instagram Scaled

Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, first spoke at ETL in 2011, just seven months after Instagram launched. Here, he returns to ETL nine years later to draw some new insights about the startup's rocket-like growth. In an interview with Stanford professor of the practice and STVP faculty director Tina Seelig, Systro

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Jan Black + Laura Owens & Tina Seelig 12 Feb 2019 • EN

Tina Seelig: ...that most rules are recommendations

We're thrilled to share this conversation with Stanford Engineering School Professor Tina Seelig, author of 17 books including the international bestseller, What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20.    Tina was trained as a neuroscientist and has always been interested in how we think, especially how we come up with bold new i

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Kevin Kruse & Tina Seelig 12 Dec 2017 • EN

Time To Let Your Inner Creative Genius Out | Tina Seelig

For 18 years, Tina Seelig has taught the best and brightest at Google, Intel, Adobe, Apple, and other Silicon Valley companies, how to unleash their creative entrepreneurial spirit. She has a PhD in neuroscience and is a Stanford Professor. Her new book is Creativity Rules - Get Ideas Out of Your Head and Into the Worl

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Tina Seelig & Anne Wojcicki 21 Nov 2017 • EN

Anne Wojcicki (23andMe) - Driving Discovery and Disruption

Anne Wojcicki, co-founder and CEO of the popular DNA-testing company 23andMe, discusses how providing people with their own genetic data empowers consumers to make better health decisions and advances science. In conversation with Stanford Professor of the Practice Tina Seelig, Wojcicki explains how the intense scrutin

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Today I have someone extra special on the show and by extra special, I mean that this person is one of the main people responsible for introducing me to entrepreneurship. Tina Seelig is a professor in the Management Science and Engineering department at Stanford University. She’s also the faculty director of the Stanfo

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Professor Tina Seelig talks about the critical components, principles, and tactics for bringing ideas into your imagination and out into the world.   You'll Learn: The two requirements of imagination How to generate many new solutions via framing and reframing The argument for brainstorming   About Tina: Tina Seelig is

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