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Latest interview: 29 Nov 2023
Talked to: David Heinemeier Hansson, Jay Aigner, Pete A. Turner, Dave Jackson and 2 others

Diann Wingert

No-BS Psychotherapist turned business strategist and mindset mentor for female solopreneurs. Dynamic podcast guest speaking on the ways women hold themselves back & how to overcome them. Host of The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast. Creator of the Boss Up System. Peloton enthusiast, profane Buddhist, and speaker of uncomfortable truths.

Interviews: 173
Latest interview: 17 Oct 2023
Talked to: Kris Ward, Aleasha Bahr, Meg Casebolt, Kate Moryoussef and 2 others

Minter Dial

Minter Dial is an international professional speaker, elevator and a multiple award-winning author. Minter's core career stint of 16 years was spent as a top executive at L’Oréal, where he was a member of the worldwide Executive Committee for the Professional Products Division. In this position, he was in charge of Digital, Communications, Education, the Eco-Salon and Business Development. Previously, he was MD of L'Oréal PPD Canada and MD Worldwide for Redken, which he ran for 4 years through 9/11 and a full revamping of the brand's look and main product lines. He's the author of one biography and three business books, Futureproof (2017), Heartificial Empathy (2019) and his latest book on leadership, You Lead, How Being Yourself Makes You A Better Leader (Kogan Page 2021).

Interviews: 164
Latest interview: 25 Oct 2023
Talked to: Mahan Tavakoli, Josh Bernoff, Brett Trainor, Petra Velzeboer and 2 others


KMO has been the voice behind the C-Realm podcast for well over a decade. He discovered podcasting while driving for a dead-end sales job and within days, he was hooked (and his sales career, doomed). Since those prehistoric days, he has sat down for a conversation over 500 times – with authors, bloggers, activists, technology gurus, and fellow podcasters – and these conversations made KMO reconsider many of his earlier positions. He now describes himself as a "recovering libertarian and Singularitarian." KMO is the writer and illustrator of GEBB, a darkly comedic, scifi comic about aliens who love the Earth but hate their jobs. He is a life-long lover of science fiction, both on the screen and on the page.

Interviews: 72
Latest interview: 03 Aug 2023
Talked to: Chris Cutrone, Kaleb Gorman, Dermot O'Connor, Pi and 2 others

Interviews: 140
Latest interview: 21 Sep 2023
Talked to: Pete Sena, Josef Schinwald, Jamie Marshall, Leif Hartwig and 2 others

Jim Rutt

Jim Rutt is past chairman and a former researcher at the Santa Fe Institute. He is the host of the Jim Rutt Show podcast, on which many of his Santa Fe colleagues have appeared. Rutt is credited with coining the term "snail mail" to describe conventional (as opposed to electronic) mail services.

Interviews: 168
Latest interview: 24 Oct 2023
Talked to: Matthew Pirkowski, Robert Sapolsky, Neil Howe, Yascha Mounk and 2 others

Interviews: 89
Latest interview: 25 Oct 2023
Talked to: Jeremy Slate, Laura Johns, Annelise Worn, Jeanne Omlor and 2 others

Kira Dineen

Kira Dineen, MS, LCGC, CG(ASCP)CM, has a decade of podcast experience fueled by a passion for science communication. She has hosted and produced 6 podcasts. Her main show, "DNA Today", is in the top 1% of podcasts globally. Listeners Discover New Advances in the world of genetics through Kira’s interviews about genetic technology, disorders, and news. The show won the Best 2020 and 2021 Science and Medicine Podcast Awards. “DNA Today” has produced over 190 episodes with 380,000+ downloads.

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Latest interview: 05 May 2023
Talked to: Ann Walker, Ed Kloza, Michelle Fox, Debra Collins and 2 others

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Latest interview: 30 Jun 2023
Talked to: David Krakauer, Jim Rutt, Kevin Kelly, KMO and 2 others

Richard Kaufman

I have personally come back from drug addiction, alcoholism,homelessness, ptsd, tbi and blindness… Now I help people struggling in life or business by interviewing today’s Top Thought Leaders and Game Changers.

Interviews: 84
Latest interview: 18 Oct 2023
Talked to: Dennis Yu, Tom Antion, Adam Hill, Hernan Vazquez and 2 others

Deanna Marie Radulescu

Meet Deanna Marie. She's a survivor of human trafficking, a survivor of domestic physical abuse, former C-Level executive, a former fashion designer/skin care expert, even a former NPC figure competitor. Deanna is now a thriving podcaster (Label Free Podcast) nationally syndicated on-air personality with KCAA RADIO and also the Head Coach|Founding partner of Female Podcasters.

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Latest interview: 27 Nov 2023
Talked to: Hilary DeCesare, Lorraine Duncan, Karim Kerachni, Mark McNear and 2 others

Scott D. Clary

Investor/GP @ Celestial. CEO @ OnMi Patch. Podcaster @ Success Story, Liquidity & Liquor. I write a daily business newsletter ( to 100k people.

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Latest interview: 04 Nov 2023
Talked to: Jairek Robbins, Sam Adeyemi, Ben Nemtin, Stephen Petasky and 2 others