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KMO has been the voice behind the C-Realm podcast for well over a decade. He discovered podcasting while driving for a dead-end sales job and within days, he was hooked (and his sales career, doomed). Since those prehistoric days, he has sat down for a conversation over 500 times – with authors, bloggers, activists, technology gurus, and fellow podcasters – and these conversations made KMO reconsider many of his earlier positions. He now describes himself as a "recovering libertarian and Singularitarian." KMO is the writer and illustrator of GEBB, a darkly comedic, scifi comic about aliens who love the Earth but hate their jobs. He is a life-long lover of science fiction, both on the screen and on the page.

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Latest interview: 03 Aug 2023
Talked to: Chris Cutrone, Kaleb Gorman, Dermot O'Connor, Pi and 2 others

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Latest interview: 07 Apr 2024
Talked to: Roger Williams, Vinnie Enriquez, Jarie Bolander, Andy Wang

Gail Boenning

Gail Boenning


Gail Boenning wanders, wonders, and writes. She's grateful for stories, books, movies, and television shows that have taken her directly into the hearts and minds of countless real and fictional characters. She writes with hope... believing words and stories carry magic to awaken soulful stirrings in our hearts.Once upon a time, Gail wrote down a story of her own. In so doing, she discovered that all humans are creative. She hopes her stories remind her readers of their own inventive nature. Gail currently writes daily love letters with the aid of her muses: Calliope, Thalia, and Urania. In 2022 she was diagnosed with and cured of breast cancer. She's currently writing and illustrating her cancer story for three reasons: 1.) as a gift to her caregivers 2.) to act as a bridge between patients and caregivers 3.) to lead by example -- patients have a choice as to how they 'show up' and grow through adversity. Gail is available to speak about her creative work and/or her cancer journey.

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Latest interview: 27 Jan 2023
Talked to: Jack Bosma

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Latest interview: 30 Jun 2023
Talked to: David Krakauer, Jim Rutt, Kevin Kelly, KMO and 2 others

Damian White

Damian White is a writer and hip hop artist from Columbus, OH. He is the author of the poetry book, I Made A Place For You, which is his debut collection. Host of the "I Made A Place For You" podcast

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Latest interview: 23 May 2023
Talked to: Roman Prokopchuk, Deeon Brown, Dennis Morolda, Ron Cooper and 2 others

Damian Pacanowski

atrist, programmer, scientist

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Maggie Kelly

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Latest interview: 01 Aug 2023
Talked to: Shemaiah Reed, Joe Dimino

Judy Rodman

Judy Rodman is a seasoned veteran of the music industry with over 5 decades of experience. Her multifaceted career includes that of award-winning singer, songwriter, vocal coach, and studio producer. Her journey is a story of resilience and adaptability in an ever-evolving entertainment landscape. Having weathered the changes in the industry, Judy's experiences range from chart-topping successes to moments of hitting the wall, and then reinvention. Her expertise spans both sides of the glass in the recording studio - from being a session singer, recording artist, voiceover talent, and vocal arranger, to a primary role as producer or supporting role as vocal producer. Judy was named 'Best Vocal Coach' by 'Nashville Music Pros,' 'Vocal Coach In Residence' by Voice Council Magazine, and the 2023’s Best Vocal Coach in Nashville by Her musical footprint includes esteemed awards like ACM's and Billboard's 'New Female Vocalist' and BMI's 'Million-air' award for her song 'One Way Ticket (Because I Can)'. Her compositions have found synch placements as well. A published author, Judy contributes articles to various industry magazines and websites, and has developed several singing and speaking courses in disc and video designed to deliver major gains in vocal ability, delivery impact, and vocal health for singers and speakers whose messages matter. Through her 'All Things Vocal' blog and podcast, Judy shares insights and practical wisdom. As public speaker, she is an advocate for responsibility in the arts and professional, protective mentoring of talent. Judy’s students and recording clients have appeared on The Today Show, The Tonight Show, Letterman, Degeneres, Madison Square Garden, The Voice, American Idol, America's Got Talent, Grammys, CMA, ACM & MTV Awards Shows, New York Times Best Seller list. Presently, Judy is the vocal coach for the cast of a new animated Disney show slated to air in 2024. She is also co-creating with playwright Darren J. Butler the new musical 'Runaway Home'. The show garnered standing ovations in 2023 at two staged readings in NYC with a cast including notable actors Melissa Gilbert and Michael Park, and they hope to take it to full production in 2024. Based in Nashville with her husband John, Judy finds joy in nurturing her freshwater aquarium alongside her ongoing teaching, writing, and studio work. She is a member of professional organizations SAG-AFTRA, AFM, BMI, and NATS. Got a question for Judy? Contact

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Latest interview: 13 Jul 2023
Talked to: Kevin McDonald, Kristin Fields Chadwick, Gena Thurston, Yuri Cataldo and 2 others

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Latest interview: 05 Sep 2022
Talked to: Carlos Casas, Francesca Turauskis, Ani Patas, Oge Ejizu and 1 others

Diane Foy

Ready to slide into the spotlight with the impact (and income) to match? Then you should know Diane Foy, the creator of the Superfan Attraction Method. During her 16 years as an arts and entertainment publicist, Diane represented talents such as Perry Farrell, Big Sugar, D.O.A., Sass Jordan, The Parlotones, Mackenzie Phillips, Robb Wells, Alanna Masterson and Tyler Blackburn. She has been a panelist and mentor at conferences such as Canadian Music Week, and Northern Ontario Music & Film. Canadian Musician, Sun TV, Toronto Star, and over 30 media outlets have featured her. Diane also hosts the Superfan Attraction podcast. Diane’s ability to draw on her diverse background including photography, fashion, makeup artistry, creative psychology, PR, and marketing, allows her to empower artists and creatives to embrace their story and purpose as their unique superpowers.

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Latest interview: 05 Mar 2023
Talked to: Michelle Simone Miller, David Andrew Wiebe, Brian Patacca, Shay Leonia and 2 others

Yolanda Nollie

ABOUT YOLANDA NOLLIE It has never been an easy task combining good physical appearance, fitness, and beauty but some people have succeeded in overcoming the difficulties, they have scaled through all the hurdles successfully without falling and Yolanda is one of them. Unlike several other women that sought relevance before knowledge and end up becoming a disaster, she sought knowledge through education. She has a bachelor's degree in Fashion Marketing and Design from American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a minor degree in legal studies. City College in Orlando, Florida and she is on the verge of completing an associate's degree in IT Technology from WOZ U - University School of Technology. Yolanda Nollie is a multitalented and unique woman amongst several women. She has a fantastic competitive spirit; she is an amateur powerlifter, a competitive one. Talking about women doing perfectly what men can do, Yolanda demonstrated the truth about achieving greatness. She is a strongman competitor. This reflects her capability regarding persistence and resilience, which could also be seen from her four years' service in the Naval military as an E-3 The voice of angels brings amazing wonders, it puts peace in the mind of the listener and gives the depressed hope for a better tomorrow. The voice of Yolanda is like that of an angel whispering a sweet lullaby to the ears of those who are troubled. She is a fantastic singer and an amazing songwriter. The business world has never been a place for the weak, only the strong can survive the toughness and the rigidity it poses. She is a woman with the spirit of excellence and diversity of business ideology that could transform a business from the level of zero to the sky-top level. She demonstrated capabilities in the business world through her effectiveness in dispensing and carrying out her duties as an executive director and executive producer of two companies and two podcasts. Talking about the number of companies she is effectively managing, it is evident that she has an excellent multitasking ability which stands her out amongst her equals and aids her in the achievement of new heights faster than several other women. Yolanda is the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Producer of two Corporate Companies, and the embodiment of knowledge, which allows her to function well in several aspects of life. She is doing great with her freelance fitness & entertainment networking executive experts and Radio & TV Entertainment Networking Event Talent Search LLC. Helping others become better is one of the ways the world can quickly become a better place for everyone. Her companies aim to assist amateur athletes and those who are new in the world of entertainment but desire to become better and reach the peak of their career faster. She is working diligently and relentlessly to help them develop their business network, and health and fitness conditions. Far from what people would imagine her company to be because of her active involvement in helping young artists realize their goals. The company is not a talent agency or a talent management company. Education is an important key to getting anything done the way it should and this is because it is a way of getting knowledge of what you do not know. As a smart woman, Yolanda was quick to realize this important fact. She has a college of the entertainment internship program and coordinates sports athletes seminars to increase the knowledge of the upcoming athletes and artists regarding their careers. She also contributes positively by helping them realize how to make things work better. She also does talent search media development seminars, which can help young people discover themselves easily and follow the appropriate career path for them. She is also involved in many more life-transforming programs. Communication is an important criterion when it comes to motivating people about things and getting things done. However, not everyone can stand in front of crowds to give life-changing speeches. Yolanda stands out as an exceptional speaker. She has done some fantastic work in this aspect which includes being a keynote note speaker on topics such as the truth about the entertainment industry, health and fitness motivation, our families' health and nutrition e.t.c. Recognizing that change is a constant thing, and innovation would always come every day. She has ensured her relevance in her field and duties by learning new things and following the trend of discoveries on regular basis.

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Latest interview: 12 Feb 2024
Talked to: MaSheba Ann Webb, Bruce Nahin

Christopher Barkley

Co-Founder of Bonsai Creative | MAKE IT podcast | NaFF Board |WIFT Nashville Board | Producer | Investor | Thought Leadership |

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Latest interview: 04 Jul 2023
Talked to: Tiffany Shlain, Christin Baker, Shavvon Lin, Nicholas Buggs and 2 others