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Jane Lovas & Melanie Yencken 22 Mar 2023 • EN

"Creating Psychological Safety as a Leader" with Melanie Yencken

As we continue celebrating Women's History Month I’d like to welcome Melanie Yencken. Melanie is UX Director in the Google Search Team. In her past roles she has built and led UX teams globally at Startups, Schibsted and eBay.   Melanie previously founded Rise Network (Prev: LondonTechLadies) a women’s network providin

26 min
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Debbie Millman & Rick Rubin 13 Mar 2023 • EN

Rick Rubin

Exploring Rick Rubin’s production discography is like taking a tour through the commanding heights of American music over the past few decades. From Run-DMC to Jay-Z to Adele, the record producer joins to talk about his legendary career making classic songs with the best musicians in the world.

60 min
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In this week's episode Dara Shashoua and Michelle talk about the hard things including: Medical gaslighting and the path to getting a diagnosis with MS. Navigating chronic illness while living alone. Why spoonies are well equipped to run their own businesses. And top tips for doing it in ways that work for you and your

47 min
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Chris Do & Kevin Finn 15 Mar 2023 • EN

There is wisdom in learning — with Kevin Finn

Kevin Finn is a TEDx speaker, advisor, internationally recognized branding designer, and author who works with individuals and groups dedicated to creating a positive impact at scale. With 30 years of international experience, Kevin emphasizes that not every business is a brand, and that businesses become brands only w

56 min
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Debbie Millman & Sarah Polley 20 Feb 2023 • EN

Sarah Polley

Oscar-nominated screenwriter, director, actor, and author Sarah Polley, who began her career as a childhood actress more than three decades ago, joins to talk about her life’s work and newest film, “Women Talking.”

88 min
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Otto Wretling + Rune & Daniel Olofsson + David Jonsson 22 Mar 2023 • EN

#14 – Publishers

What does a publisher do? How do you pitch a game to a publisher? What do they do for you, and what do you give up in return? Hear all about it on this week’s episode of House of Games! Your Hosts and Their Games - Dave’s Twitter profile. - The home

52 min
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