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Eric Zimmerman Game designer + Professor of Game Design, NYU Game Center.

Eric Zimmerman's Interviews

Douglas Rushkoff & Eric Zimmerman 01 Dec 2022 β€’ EN

Eric Zimmerman

Game Designer and author of The Rules We Break: Lessons in Play, Thinking, and Design, Eric Zimmerman helps us discover how learning to play can keep us from being played. πŸŽ™ In his monologue, Rushkoff discusses longtermism, metamodernism, and optimizing Twitter for a post-human future. πŸ“° You can read a written versio

86 min
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Tracy Fullerton + Richard Lemarchand & Eric Zimmerman 16 Sep 2020 β€’ EN

Eric Zimmerman at Playthink

On this episode of Playthink, Eric Zimmerman and Tracy Fullerton discuss the recently released β€œThe Infinite Playground,” the final book by visionary game designer Bernie De Koven, written with Holly Gramazio and edited by Celia Pearce and Eric Zimmerman.

69 min
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Jordan Blackman & Eric Zimmerman 25 May 2017 β€’ EN

Game Design as a Way of Being, with Eric Zimmerman

Eric Zimmerman is a game designer the co-author of four books including Rules of Play with Katie Salen, which was published in November 2004. Eric Zimmerman has written at least 24 essays and white-papers since 1996, mostly pertaining to game development from an academic standpoint. He's currently a founding faculty at

37 min
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Amy Jo Kim & Eric Zimmerman 12 Nov 2015 β€’ EN

Sharpen your sword as a game designer with Eric Zimmerman

Peek inside the creative mind of Eric Zimmerman - a multi-talented game designer, educator and artist who never stops innovating. A self-described Play-Test Fundamentalist, Eric teaches at the NYU Game School and co-creates innovative experiences on the sides. Eric is a true industry visionary - always ahead of his tim

33 min
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