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Gail Boenning wanders, wonders, and writes. She's grateful for stories, books, movies, and television shows that have taken her directly into the hearts and minds of countless real and fictional characters. She writes with hope... believing words and stories carry magic to awaken soulful stirrings in our hearts.Once upon a time, Gail wrote down a story of her own. In so doing, she discovered that all humans are creative. She hopes her stories remind her readers of their own inventive nature. Gail currently writes daily love letters with the aid of her muses: Calliope, Thalia, and Urania. In 2022 she was diagnosed with and cured of breast cancer. She's currently writing and illustrating her cancer story for three reasons: 1.) as a gift to her caregivers 2.) to act as a bridge between patients and caregivers 3.) to lead by example -- patients have a choice as to how they 'show up' and grow through adversity. Gail is available to speak about her creative work and/or her cancer journey.

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Jack Bosma & Gail Boenning 27 Jan 2023 •

An Interview With Artist And Author Gail Boenning

Interview/Texterview Questions What started you on your professional journey? What is your favorite part of being a professional? What are some things you wish you had known when you had started out in your career? What keeps you inspired? What is one important thing that people should know about you? #interview #texte

22 min
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