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Oleg Lougheed & Les Brown 16 Jan 2023 • EN

How To Go All In, In Life And Business | Les Brown

How can you get all that you want in life? What do you do when life gets tough? Tune in, as Oleg and Les, discuss the importance of going all in, challenging old beliefs, understanding which stories are no longer serving you, and other related topics.

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Erin Holland & Les Brown 12 Jul 2022 • EN

Refuse to die an unlived life, featuring Les Brown

Most parenting advice is all about how to get your kid to follow your rules and your schedule. But the real secret to parenting that most people won’t tell you? Work on yourself. Of course, that’s much easier said than done, because introspection is tough to fit on your to-do list amid parenting, working, cooking, clea

14 min
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Every single one of us holds unfathomable greatness waiting to be unleashed. It all comes down to igniting the hunger within you to develop that greatness. Who better to teach you how than the Great, Les Brown himself! Les is one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers and a sought-after coach, personality,

56 min
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John Lee Dumas & Les Brown 22 Nov 2021 • EN

You've Got To Be HUNGRY For Greatness with Les Brown

Les Brown is regarded as one of the Top 5 Motivational Speakers of all time and was the recipient of the Golden Gavel Award, the highest honor awarded by Toastmasters International. He has spoken to audiences as big as 80,000 people and has worked with countless fortune 500-companies. Known for being the ultimate Story

30 min
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Jayson Waller & Les Brown 26 Aug 2021 • EN

#88: Discover Your Greatness with Les Brown

Les Brown and his twin brother were born on the floor of an abandoned building in Liberty City, a low-income section of Miami, Florida. Their birth mother, married at the time to a soldier stationed overseas, had become pregnant by another man and went to Miami secretly to give birth and three weeks later, she gave the

24 min
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Richard Brooke & Les Brown 22 Jul 2021 • EN

Les Brown – World's Top Motivational Speaker

As one of the world’s most beloved motivational speakers, Les Brown is known for his unique charisma, warmth and humor, captivating audiences of up to 80,000 across the globe.    If he had believed the labels he was given in grade school – “the dumb twin” and “intellectually disabled,” his life would look much differen

26 min
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