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Oleg Lougheed, the founder of Moments Worth Remembering, shares the inspiration behind his idea of creating personalized books that allow people to express their emotions and feelings to loved ones while they are still alive. He emphasizes the importance of expressing gratitude and appreciation to others and the impact

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Oleg Lougheed & Les Brown 16 Jan 2023 • EN

How To Go All In, In Life And Business | Les Brown

How can you get all that you want in life? What do you do when life gets tough? Tune in, as Oleg and Les, discuss the importance of going all in, challenging old beliefs, understanding which stories are no longer serving you, and other related topics.

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Oleg Lougheed & Mark Divine 02 Jan 2023 • EN

How To Find Your Path In Life | Mark Divine

It is the beginning to a brand new year. The perfect time to start making changes in your life. Some view such time filled with optimism and hope. Others view it filled with fear. What is the difference? Why do some see it one way and others see it differently? How can one find a new path when feel lost or uncertain? T

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Decisions. We make thousands of them every single day. How do we know which one to make? How do we know where each decision might lead? Is it a shot in the dark? Or is there a process/methodology behind it? Tune in, as Oleg and Jeff, dive deep into the psychology of decision-making, “right” vs “wrong”, how decisions im

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Oleg Lougheed & Zuby 27 Jun 2022 • EN

Fame, Music And Purpose | Zuby

Fame. Music. Purpose. What do the three have in common? What is the relationship between becoming famous and staying true to yourself? Can fame change a person? Can fame change one's purpose? Tune in, as Zuby and Oleg explore all of the above, as well as other related topics.

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Oleg Lougheed & Michael Chorost 15 Oct 2021 • EN

What Is The Best Way To Hear? | Michael Chorost

How do people with hard of hearing communicate? Does being hard of hearing affect speech? Can hearing loss change your voice? Tune in, as Michael and Oleg, explore whether or not you lose the ability to speak when you go deaf, how hard of hearing people hear themselves, and other related topics.

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