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Gregg Clunis & Taly Matiteyahu 15 May 2023 • EN

875 - The Power of Getting Started (feat. Taly Matiteyahu)

YouTube Blink Date In this interview, Gregg speaks with Taly, the founder of a dating app called "Blink." Taly shares her background as a lawyer and discusses her journey of transitioning to different careers. She introduces her dating app, "Blink," which offers a unique approach to dating by focusing on compatibility

29 min
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Gregg Clunis & Jessica Nordell 13 Jan 2023 • EN

863 - The End of Bias Pt 2 (feat Jessica Nordell)

I'm going to tell you a story. It's not a true story, it's not even based on any specific person that I know, but it's the type of story that happens all the time. Maybe it's even happened to you or someone you know. This is the story of Jane. Jane had always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Growing up in a low-income nei

21 min
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Gregg Clunis & Jessica Nordell 11 Jan 2023 • EN

862 - The End of Bias Pt 1 (feat Jessica Nordell)

Here's a question...when was the last time you considered your unconcious biases? Have you ever? It's okay if not..most of us haven't. But here's something interesting to note..whether we take the time to examine them or not...they do affect us. Every single day. Maybe in small ways, getting passed over for a promotion

27 min
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Gregg Clunis & Ayelet Fishbach 17 Mar 2022 • EN

794 - How Motivation Works Pt 2. (feat. Ayelet Fishbach)

Get the Book:

24 min
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Gregg Clunis & Katy Milkman 15 Feb 2022 • EN

788 - How to Change Pt 1 (feat. Katy Milkman)

Get the Book: Try Munk Pack: (code: tinyleaps) Freedom Lifestyle Podcast: Try the Upward App:

26 min
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Gregg Clunis & Heather Parady 02 Aug 2021 • EN

735 - The Law of Attraction Debate (feat. Heather Parady)

0w12DJkfb00zQzg3xeI0 Get this episode ad-free when you join TLBC+ today: In this episode, we look at the law of attraction and have a debate with Heather Parady. Listen to Happy Brain: Hosted By: Gregg Clunis | Instagram: http://inst

17 min
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