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Laura McClellan & Lahana Vigliano 25 Oct 2023 • EN

Productive Living: Hormones & Productivity, with Lahana Vigliano

Let's chat with clinical nutritionist Lahana Vigliano about the importance of gut health and hormones for our health and our productivity.

58 min
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Our bodies are constantly changing, and it’s only fitting that how we take care of our health changes as well. Prescribed medication and diagnoses don’t always work, so we need to look at other options for our wellbeing.   How do we find the root cause of our symptoms? What affects our body and our gut health? Why are

44 min
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Jordan Lee Dooley & Lahana Vigliano 30 Nov 2022 • EN

How Stress Affects Your Health (Ft. Lahana Vigliano)

Most of us have probably heard at one point or another that stress affects our health. In fact, maybe you’re experiencing symptoms right now that are rooted in stress. But what you may not realize is that external factors like jobs and relationships aren’t the only stressors that can affect you. There are a lot of inte

31 min
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If you are looking for insights to support optimal hormonal health using food and lifestyle you need to check out this episode with nutritionist Lahana Vigliano!  Kristel & Lahana chat about the keys for eating for weight control and hormonal balance as well as critical lifestyle components to support healthy hormones.

29 min
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Laura Schein + Clayton Farris & Lahana Vigliano 15 Dec 2021 • EN


Laura and Clayton chat with board certified clinical nutritionist and founder of Nuvitra Wellness Lahana Vigliano about her nutritional approach to fertility. They chat about the most common health concerns she sees in her practice, how the thyroid affects fertility, and how nutrition affects the entire body. On What T

50 min
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