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Emily Omier & Jono Bacon 22 Nov 2023 • EN

Creating a Movement through Community with Jono Bacon

Jono Bacon’s passion for building communities has been a driving force in a career taken him from Canonical to GitHub to founding the Community Leadership Core community accelerator. In this episode, Jono shares his definition of community, how a community can create a movement and the differences between the two. We a

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What to do if you don’t have magic pixie dust to sprinkle on your role in devrel? Jono Bacon and Richard discuss this and other relevant career conundrums in this entertaining episode. There needs to be clear understanding of each role within the many parts of developer relations function. Founders and executives needs

40 min
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Lance Peppler & Jono Bacon 19 Apr 2020 • EN

Jono Bacon - Community and Collaboration Strategy Consultant

This week's guest is Jono Bacon. Jono provides community strategy, management, and leadership for organizations. He has worked on some of the largest communities in the world, previously leading community strategy at Canonical (building the Ubuntu community), GitHub (the largest code hosting platform in the world), XPR

33 min
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Mike Dillard & Jono Bacon 16 Apr 2020 • EN

How To Create Powerful Online Communities With Jono Bacon

The concept of community has made a dramatic shift over the past two months, hasn’t it? The sense of community we’d normally experience at work, or school, or simply going to the grocery store, or eating at a restaurant has been taken away. And they’ve been replaced with online communities. Work meetings have moved fro

47 min
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Shane Hastie & Jono Bacon 13 Apr 2020 • EN

Jono Bacon on Building Community and Remote Collaboration

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Jono Bacon about building communities, the value of community when suddenly working remotely and remote collaboration. Why listen to this podcast: • In the suddenly remote environment caused by COVID-19, community becomes even more important than

20 min
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Travis Chappell & Jono Bacon 08 Apr 2020 • EN

398: Jono Bacon | How to Build a Thriving Community

Jono Bacon is a leading community and collaboration speaker, author, and podcaster. He is the founder of Jono Bacon Consulting which provides community strategy/execution, workflow, and other services. He previously served as director of community at GitHub, Canonical, XPRIZE, and OpenAdvantage. His clients include Hua

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