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Adrian Gostick + Chester Elton & Jeff Atwood 22 Apr 2022 • EN

Need to Know for Graduates: Little Things Make a Big Difference & Lower Anxiety

Welcome to Anxiety at Work --> We hope the time you spend with us will help remove the stigma of anxiety and mental health in the workplace and your personal life. Our guest today is Jeff Atwood. Jeff is the author of the new book “Need to Know for Graduates,” and has more than three decades of experience in brand deve

28 min
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Den Delimarsky & Jeff Atwood 31 Oct 2021 • EN

#42 - Building The World You Want To See, with Jeff Atwood

Whether you are new in the tech industry or are a veteran developer, chances are that you've used a product that Jeff Atwood worked on. I'm talking about Stack Overflow and Discourse, of course. When it comes to building communities and fostering good conversations, Jeff took an unusual position - steer the conversatio

58 min
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Lex Fridman & Jeff Atwood 29 Nov 2018 • EN

Jeff Atwood: Stack Overflow and Coding Horror

Jeff Atwood is a co-founder of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange, websites that are visited by millions of people every day. Much like with Wikipedia, it is difficult to understate the impact on global knowledge and productivity that these network of sites have created. Jeff is also the author of the famed Coding Horro

80 min
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Phil Burgess & Jeff Atwood 01 Oct 2018 • EN

Own Your Writing and Speaking Skills with Jeff Atwood

Guest Bio: Jeff Atwood is an experienced software developer with a particular interest in the human side of software development.  In 2004 Jeff started the blog “Coding Horror” which led to him founding Stack Overflow and subsequently the Stack Exchange network, now one of the 150 largest sites on the internet.   Episo

30 min
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Dave Rael & Jeff Atwood 07 Aug 2017 • EN

Episode 258 | Jeff Atwood - Sharing the House

Guest: Jeff Atwood @codinghorror Full show notes are at

65 min
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Amy Jo Kim & Jeff Atwood 05 Jul 2017 • EN

Jeff Atwood on building communities and customer feedback loops

Jeff Atwood is the co-founder of Stack Overflow - he played a major role in bringing that influential Q&A network to life. Jeff now brings his community-building prowess to Discourse, a fast-growing community SAAS company. Jeff knows all about the fear, discomfort and iterative experiments that pave the way to success

35 min
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