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If you're like most people, you probably believe that your identity is stable. But in fact, your identity is constantly changing—often outside your conscious awareness and sometimes even against your wishes—to reflect the interests of the groups you belong to. In The Power of Us (Little Brown, Spark, 2021), psychologis

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Gayle Allen & Jay Van Bavel 08 Nov 2021 • EN

CM 200: Jay Van Bavel on Our Changing Identities

We like to think of our identities as singular and stable: I’m an early riser (and will always be), or I’m a foodie (and can’t imagine otherwise). But if we take a step back, we see how we not only hold multiple identities, but how many of these identities change over the course of our lives.  Remember when you were a

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Shankar Vedantam & Jay Van Bavel 20 Sep 2021 • EN

Group Think

How do the groups you identify with shape your sense of self? Do they influence the beer you buy? The way you vote? Psychologist Jay Van Bavel says our group loyalties affect us more than we realize, and can even shape our basic senses of sight, taste and smell. If you like our work, please consider supporting it! See

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Andy Luttrell & Jay Van Bavel 01 Feb 2021 • EN

#30: "Us vs. Them" with Jay Van Bavel

Jay Van Bavel studies how our social identities shape the way we see ourselves and the people around us. He’s an associate professor of psychology at New York University. In an upcoming book, he and his colleague, Dominic Packer, present social identity theory. It’s a classic theory in social psychology that has inspir

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Annie Duke & Jay Van Bavel 21 Aug 2020 • EN

Our National Intelligence Is Broken

For the next week, Mike passes the mic to a few guest hosts. Today, Annie Duke, former professional poker player and author of Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don't Have All the Facts takes the helm. On the Gist, Annie recaps the unifying messages from Sen. Sanders and V.P. Biden from the virtual 20

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Mina Kim + Alexis Madrigal & Ellen Peters + Jay Van Bavel 29 Jun 2020 • EN

How the Psychology of Pandemic Behavior Can Help Guide Containment Strategies

Why do some people embrace masks and practice meticulous social distancing while others rebel against public health mandates? Psychologists are studying what drives behavior in the pandemic, and they're also looking at how information overload can influence how people react to the crisis. In this hour, psychologists El

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