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Kyra Mitchell-Lewis & Dmitria Burby 09 Jun 2022 • EN

Discover Your Truest Self & Unlock Joy in Your Life

Who am I? What makes me happy? How do I unlock joy? During the pandemic, mental and personal health moved to the forefront of many of our lives. As we enter what seems to be a post-pandemic, how do we balance that health journey with the return of life’s pace? Join us as Dmitria Burby, author and consciousness coach di

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Comparison. It’s the thief of self-awareness, and as a result of our own limiting biases, the idea of embracing change can often be hard to swallow. Learning how to become more self-aware is an early step in the creative evolution of your life. Often, our own expectations and judgements casting a shadow over the percep

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Lucie Quigley & Dmitria Burby 02 Sep 2021 • EN

E140 – Discover Your Inner Light with Dmitria Burby

Depending on which episodes you’ve listened to, you’ve probably caught bits and pieces of my journey, going from shit barrel to starting TRC and launching Necture. To get here I had to reconnect to my true self. I knew that there was something more I was supposed to do, be and have. But it took a journey of self-discov

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Jessica Sun & Dmitria Burby 11 Jun 2021 • EN

Find Yourself with Dmitria Burby

Have you been stressed, anxious, lost, and confused lately? Let’s take a step back and gain some perspective. Listen to someone who specializes in helping people feel whole and complete--and has gone through the journey too.  Dmitria is an author and healer who helps people reconnect with their spirit and reignite the

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