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Dave Campbell & Michael Hynes 19 Sep 2022 • EN

E59 - Mike Hynes - Post Traumatic Growth, Mental Health

EPISODE 59 - Our Guest: Mike is an executive coach, a speaker and an author of the book: The Myth-Guided Mind: Unleash Your God-Given Genius at Work and at Home. His book is both practical and personal. He worked as a psychotherapist and saw that there were flaws in the system. He came to believe that there was a probl

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If you joined us last week, you learned how our biases influence so much of our reality. Shaping and moving how we each see things.We also talked a bit about that great classic movie - the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz is a fantastic movie that tells an allegorical story with many different layers and symbolism. Wheth

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Jeffrey Besecker & Michael Hynes + Sharon Grossman + Douglas Garland 13 May 2022 • EN

Storytelling: How Our Social Personas are Influenced by Our Perceptual Identities

Today we look at the psychological aspect of Magical Thinking and the role it plays in the introspection illusion of social influence. Explaining perhaps why the idea of social influence is based in naive realism. And how the focusing effect leads to foundational attribution errors, observation discrepancies and variou

79 min
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Nathan Eckel & Michael Hynes 28 Jun 2018 • EN

150: Why PEAS are the Key to a Successful Education with Michael Hynes

Dr. Michael Hynes is an educator, scholar and thought leader. A public school superintendent of schools on Long Island, NY, it’s his mission to spread the importance of a holistic approach to educating children. Hynes received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Bethany College and his doctorate in educational

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