Lucie Quigley & Dmitria Burby , The Roller Coaster of Midlife

E140 – Discover Your Inner Light with Dmitria Burby

02 Sep 2021 • 32 min • EN
32 min
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Depending on which episodes you’ve listened to, you’ve probably caught bits and pieces of my journey, going from shit barrel to starting TRC and launching Necture. To get here I had to reconnect to my true self. I knew that there was something more I was supposed to do, be and have. But it took a journey of self-discovery to begin to reveal my purpose. Joining me today is Dmitria Burby, who did everything right, played by the rules and checked all the boxes, but couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. She knew that she had to step back and reassess life. Connect with Dmitria and on Facebook @LuminanceHealing and on Instagram @luminancehealing Your support of The Roller Coaster is always appreciated, please make sure to SUBSCRIBE! If you REALLY like what you hear, leave a comment, and share it with your friends! You can find me on: Facebook @therollercoasterpodcast Instagram @the_roller_coaster_podcast JOIN US! and follow Necture Growth Network on Instagram @necturegrowth. Reach me at Thanks for joining me today and until next time I’m sending my virtually distant hugs!

From "The Roller Coaster of Midlife"

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