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Go beyond what you think you’re capable of. YOU are your only obstacle. And YOU have all the power to create whatever you can imagine. Become your biggest advocate. Master yourself. Each episode we look at the habits, techniques, and strategies that get people to the next level. We have real conversations about the mindsets that work and stories that inspire. Load up your pockets with gems dropped by entrepreneurs, top business and life coaches, endurance athletes, artists, and those who have defied the odds and designed their lives.

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Let’s redefine mental illness as a different state of consciousness that can move us toward a spiritual life. Depression, suicidal ideation, paranoia, and schizophrenia contain a set of experiences that can teach us and reveal aspects of life and of ourselves that we wouldn’t otherwise see.  Ricky is a Life, Spirituali

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Curious about the writer’s life and how writers find inspiration? Ever wonder about how a writer chooses their topics, and how to write about subjects you don’t necessarily have experience in? Then listen on.  Candy is a writer, blogger, and wellness speaker. She writes on the topics of health, personal growth, and met

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22 Jun 2021 • EN


If you’ve been stuck trying to figure things out but with limited success, here is a technique to get you unstuck. Visualization is a skill that helps you empower yourself.  Quotes to remember:  “The only way to make great changes in your life is to be able to visualize and to imagine something for yourself that pretty

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If you feel like your life is meaningless and fake, and you’re questioning everything and lost and feeling like you’re going crazy--congrats. You’re in the first stages of spiritual awakening. And here you are to learn more about your experience. Lyndsay is a leadership coach, energy healer, and author of The Beautiful

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15 Jun 2021 • EN


Comparing ourselves to others is so easy, and so futile.  Quotes to remember:  “We’ll never win the game of comparison.”  “When somebody’s doing well in their path, it really doesn’t have anything to do with your path.”  Takeaways:Comparing is a distortion of what is really going onOnline and offline, many people will

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Jessica Sun & Dmitria Burby 11 Jun 2021 • EN

Find Yourself with Dmitria Burby

Have you been stressed, anxious, lost, and confused lately? Let’s take a step back and gain some perspective. Listen to someone who specializes in helping people feel whole and complete--and has gone through the journey too.  Dmitria is an author and healer who helps people reconnect with their spirit and reignite the

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