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Find Yourself with Dmitria Burby

11 Jun 2021 • 46 min • EN
46 min
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Have you been stressed, anxious, lost, and confused lately? Let’s take a step back and gain some perspective. Listen to someone who specializes in helping people feel whole and complete--and has gone through the journey too.  Dmitria is an author and healer who helps people reconnect with their spirit and reignite the light within.  She works with people who are feeling like something is missing in their world to reconnect to the forgotten, neglected, and undiscovered parts of themselves, in order to finally experience the ease that comes from being whole. Quotes to remember:  “I realized that it wasn’t something out there; there was something in me that I had to figure out to unlock this life that I was dreaming of.”  “You connect with people at the level and depth that you’re able to connect to yourself.”  “We get caught up in trying to prove to ourselves that we’re successful.” “The only thing that keeps you from being ready is your own willingness.”  Takeaways:Are you clear on what you personally enjoy doing?The beginning of your spiritual journey is a struggle and a search for helpYou don’t need to be somebody for somebody elseMeditation gives you perspectiveOur purpose is to experience love and joy in this lifetime, and to simply beLet’s challenge the idea that success will bring us happinessSuccess, happiness, and self-care can all occur at the same timeAllow yourself to rest and relaxWhy did we come here only to restrict ourselves and live by somewhat arbitrary rules? Things will be okay when you take two or five minutes to take time for yourselfAll of us are a little lostWe all have the same universal purpose, and unique passions and ways of expressing it What you’ll learn:Why everything looked good on paper for Dmitria yet she still wasn’t happyHow Dmitria started finding herselfHow her days and focus have shifted over this process of getting to know herselfThe two foundations to leaving the rat race and feeling wholeThe technique Dmitria uses to quickly replenish her energyThe kind of shifts that are possible when you are connected within yourselfWhy we abandon parts of ourselves that are really core to usA useful reinterpretation of fearHow Dmitria continues her learning When she decided to quit her corporate career Mentioned on the podcast: Links: Instagram Youtube

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