Kimberly Rhodes & David Heinemeier Hansson + Jason Fried , REWORK

It's All a Judgment Call

07 Feb 2024 • 22 min • EN
22 min
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Chances are, you"ve heard Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson stress the vital role of trusting your instincts in business. This week, host Kimberly Rhodes takes a deeper dive into the heart of human decision-making with the co-founders of 37signals—exploring how the interplay of intuition and accumulated experiences becomes your compass for navigating the complex landscape of business decisions. Join Jason and David as they unravel the intricate dance between data-driven decisions and the art of making judgment calls, guiding listeners through trusting your gut and breaking free from external pressures when making product and pricing decisions. Listen in to discover how the power of experimentation and the "try it and see" approach often unveil valuable insights, with reality as the ultimate judge. Check out the full video episode on YouTube Key Takeaways:  [00:28] - The limitations of data-driven decisions  [03:00] - The magic of intuition and the black-box nature of gut decisions [04:53] - The role of market feedback in evaluating the effectiveness of decisions [06:39] - Cutting through the noise in decision making [09:00] - Experience and judgment in decision making [11:39] - Testing pricing and the importance of experimentation [15:45] - The crucial role of gut feelings [17:51] - Accepting uncertainty and avoiding perfectionism [21:10] - Utilizing momentum and adopting a "try it and see" approach Rework is a production of 37signals. You can find show notes and transcripts on our website. Full video episodes are available on YouTube and X. If you have a question for Jason or David about a better way to work and run your business, leave us a voicemail at 708-628-7850 or email, and we might answer it on a future episode.  Links and Resources: From Jason"s HEY World: It’s all a judgment call  Books by 37signals Sign up for a 30-day free trial at HEY World | HEY  The REWORK podcast The Rework Podcast on YouTube The 37signals Dev Blog 37signals on YouTube @37signals on X  37signals on LinkedIn 


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