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Kimberly Rhodes & Jason Fried 26 Jun 2024 • EN

The Aim for a Name

In this podcast episode, Kimberly Rhodes talks with Jason Fried, CEO and co-founder of 37signals, about the process of naming products. He discusses practical considerations like domain availability, trademarks, and logo design. Key Takeaways: 00:28 - The process of naming a product 03:05 - Researching domain names and

23 min
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Kimberly Rhodes & David Heinemeier Hansson + Jason Fried 19 Jun 2024 • EN

ONCE (again)

In this episode, Kimberly Rhodes hosts a discussion with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the co-founders of 37signals, about their newest product. And the best news? It will be free and simple to use. Key Takeaways: 00:26 - The next Once product 02:52 - The excitement of easily sharing free information in boo

29 min
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Kimberly Rhodes & David Heinemeier Hansson + Jason Fried 12 Jun 2024 • EN

Founder-led Marketing

REWORK"s host Kimberly Rhodes discusses the unique marketing approach of 37signals with its co-founders, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. They talk about how their process is simply sharing their perspectives and products, instead of traditional advertising. They champion genuine interaction over transactional

31 min
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Sam Parr & Jason Fried 05 Jun 2024 • EN

25 Years Of Founder WISDOM In 55 Minutes (ft. Jason Fried)

Episode 593:  Sam Parr ( https://twitter.com/theSamParr ) and Jason Fried ( https://x.com/jasonfried ) open up about personal finances, raising kids around wealth and dealing with risk.  — Show Notes: (0:00) Sam and Jason play Would You Rather... (5:15) Loosening the grip on the stick (12:35) The pale blue dot (14:03)

59 min
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A company is essentially two things: a group of people and a collection of decisions. How those people make these decisions is the art of running a business (37signals). We make decisions every single day, it’s what often dictates the direction of a business. Some decisions work out and some don’t. Some are quick to ma

56 min
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Kimberly Rhodes & Jason Fried + David Heinemeier Hansson 29 May 2024 • EN

The Subtle Art of Staying Out of It

In this episode, REWORK host Kimberly Rhodes, talks with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of 37signals, about the importance of stepping out of the day-to-day operations as a founder. Giving employees room to call the shots can spark new ideas and get things done faster. It also inspires people to

27 min
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