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869. Your Guide to Biohacking w/ Dave Asprey

14 May 2024 • 60 min • EN
60 min
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Welcome to part 1 of my conversation with the father of biohacking Dave Asprey. In today’s episode, we discuss all things light like the impact of different shades of blue light on our bodies, the concept of "birth control lighting" and how to find the right balance when it comes to light. Dave also gives us practical strategies for maximizing outdoor exposure, optimizing sleep, and minimizing the risks of artificial lighting and wireless technology. On the opposite side of things, we explore the crucial role of darkness in supporting health and learn tips for making sure we are doing our light right since it is an essential nutrient for our overall well-being.  Healers & Heal-Liners When you inhibit an individual's circadian biology it radically lowers fertility  Access to darkness is a human right. We need it as much as we need light A study from Japan shows the amount of light that comes in around your curtains from street lights, increases depression by 69% Minimize your use of wireless, but don’t have a panic response to it.  Learn More About Dave Asprey Dave Asprey’s Website: Dave Asprey’s Instagram: Dave Asprey’s Coffee Company ‘Danger Coffee’ : More of Dave Asprey’s Businesses: HEAL SQUAD SOCIALS IG: TikTok: HEAL SQUAD RESOURCES: Heal Squad Website: Maria Menounos Website: My Curated Macy’s Page: Shop my Macy’s Wishlist OUAI: use promo code: HEALSQUAD for 15% off Wonderful Pistachios: Danger Coffee: ABOUT MARIA MENOUNOS: Emmy Award-winning journalist, TV personality, actress, 2x NYT best-selling author, former pro-wrestler and brain tumor survivor, Maria Menounos’ passion is to see others heal and to get better in all areas of life. ABOUT HEAL SQUAD x MARIA MENOUNOS: A daily digital talk-show that brings you the world's leading healers, experts, and celebrities to share groundbreaking secrets and tips to getting better in all areas of life. DISCLAIMER: This Podcast and all related content ( published or distributed by or on behalf of Maria Menounos or and ) is for informational purposes only and may include information that is general in nature and that is not specific to you. Any information or opinions provided by guest experts or hosts featured within website or on Company’s Podcast are their own; not those of Maria Menounos or the Company. Accordingly, Maria Menounos and the Company cannot be responsible for any results or consequences or actions you may take based on such information or opinions. This podcast is presented for exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for preventing, diagnosing, or treating a specific illness. If you have, or suspect you may have, a health-care emergency, please contact a qualified health care professional for treatment.

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