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Chris Anderson & David Byrne 17 Nov 2022 • EN

The music of David Byrne’s mind

David Byrne views life through many lenses. He’s a musician, author, filmmaker, curator, conservationist, digital music theorist, bicycle advocate, visual artist... the list goes on. But through his many trajectories – from co-founding the acclaimed band Talking Heads to his later solo career, moving into theater and b

39 min
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Chris Anderson & Temple Grandin 10 Nov 2022 • EN

The hidden gifts of visual thinking with Temple Grandin

When she was just 18, scientist, industrial designer, animal behaviorist, and autism activist Temple Grandin created one of her most well-known inventions: the hug machine. Inspired by the squeeze chute–a device that holds and soothes cattle before they’re handled–Temple designed a device for her and other hypersensiti

31 min
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Chris Anderson & Randall Munroe 27 Oct 2022 • EN

Randall Munroe answers your wildest questions

How many soulmates do you think people have? What if you tried to funnel all the water from Niagara falls through a straw? Do you think it’s possible? if you sold the whole planet for scrap–what parts would be most valuable? You might think these absurd questions are unanswerable, or even pointless, but these are the k

33 min
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Chris Anderson & Eric Topol 29 Sep 2022 • EN

Can AI make healthcare human again? with Eric Topol

Eric Topol is a leading health expert whose writing and explainers about Covid-19 have helped people better understand the complexities of the global pandemic. As a doctor, author, and one of the most cited researchers in medicine, Eric has dedicated his time to thinking about the human genome and how digital tools lik

45 min
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Chris Anderson & Ed Yong 22 Sep 2022 • EN

Ed Yong on how animal senses reveal the world around us

Like any animal, humans understand the world through our senses. But unlike other creatures, we can't detect magnetic fields with our bodies, or the flow of water from a fish swimming hundreds of feet in the distance. But Ed Yong wants us to really imagine what it would be like to perceive the world in these ways. In t

43 min
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Chris Anderson & Saru Jayaraman 25 Aug 2022 • EN

How do we fix the restaurant tipping system? with Saru Jayaraman

How often do you go back and forth over how much to tip at the end of a meal? Depending on the state, in the U.S. that choice could be the difference between a livable income or financial mayhem for the workers who served and prepared your meal. But why do consumers have such power–and why are labor wages so tied to ti

42 min
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