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Steve Levitt & John Green 01 Jun 2024 • EN

UPDATE: John Green’s Reluctant Rocket Ship Ride

Author and YouTuber John Green thought his breakout bestseller wouldn’t be a commercial success, wrote 40,000 words for one sentence, and brought Steve to tears.  SOURCE:John Green, best-selling author and YouTube creator.  RESOURCES:"The Deadliest Infectious Disease Isn’t a Science Problem. It’s a Money Problem," by J

61 min
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Steve Levitt & Joseph Stiglitz 27 Apr 2024 • EN

130. Is Our Concept of Freedom All Wrong?

The economist Joseph Stiglitz has devoted his life to exposing the limits of markets. He tells Steve about winning an argument with fellow Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, why small governments don’t lead to more freedom, and why he’s not afraid to be an advocate.  SOURCE:Joseph Stiglitz, professor at Columbia Universit

55 min
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Steve Levitt & Charles Duhigg 02 Mar 2024 • EN

126. How to Have Great Conversations

The Power of Habit author Charles Duhigg wrote his new book in an attempt to learn how to communicate better. Steve shares how the book helped him understand his own conversational weaknesses.  SOURCES:Charles Duhigg, journalist and author.  RESOURCES:Supercommunicators: How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection,

47 min
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Steve Levitt & Daron Acemoglu 03 Feb 2024 • EN

124. Daron Acemoglu on Economics, Politics, and Power

Economist Daron Acemoglu likes to tackle big questions. He tells Steve how colonialism still affects us today, who benefits from new technology, and why democracy wasn’t always a sure thing.  SOURCE:Daron Acemoglu, professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  RESOURCES:Power and Progress: Our T

44 min
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Steve Levitt & Arnold Schwarzenegger 06 Jan 2024 • EN

122. Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Some Advice for You

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a bodybuilder, an actor, a governor, and, now, an author. He tells Steve how he’s managed to succeed in so many fields — and what to do when people throw eggs at you.  SOURCE:Arnold Schwarzenegger, professional bodybuilder, actor, and former governor of California.  RESOURCES:Be Useful: S

39 min
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Steve Levitt & Fei-Fei Li 11 Nov 2023 • EN

118. “My God, This Is a Transformative Power”

Computer scientist Fei-Fei Li had a wild idea: download one billion images from the internet and teach a computer to recognize them. She ended up advancing the state of artificial intelligence — and she hopes that will turn out to be a good thing for humanity.    RESOURCES:The Worlds I See: Curiosity, Exploration, and

43 min
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