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Steve Levitt & Kenneth Burns 17 Sep 2022 • EN

88. Ken Burns on Heroism, Horror, and History

The documentary filmmaker, known for The Civil War, Jazz, and Baseball, turns his attention to the Holocaust, and asks what we can learn from the evils of the past.

49 min
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Steve Levitt & Will MacAskill 20 Aug 2022 • EN

86. A Million-Year View on Morality

Philosopher Will MacAskill thinks about how to do as much good as possible. But that's really hard, especially when you're worried about humans who won't be born for many generations.

52 min
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Steve Levitt & Yuval Noah Harari 23 Jul 2022 • EN

84. Yuval Noah Harari Thinks Life Is Meaningless and Amazing

The author of Sapiens has a knack for finding the profound in the obvious. He tells Steve why money is fiction, traffic can be mind-blowing, and politicians have a right to say stupid things in private.  

53 min
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Steve Levitt & Salman Khan 02 Jul 2022 • EN

82. Is This the Future of High School?

Khan Academy founder Sal Khan returns to share his vision for a new way to learn — and the conversation inspires Steve to make a big announcement.

44 min
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Steve Levitt & Jill Tarter 25 Jun 2022 • EN

81. Why Bother Searching for Aliens?

Astronomer Jill Tarter spent her career searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. She explains what civilizations from other planets could teach us about our own future.

47 min
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Steve Levitt & Jane McGonigal 28 May 2022 • EN

77. Can Games Prepare Us for Catastrophes? (Part 2)

Many of us hate to think about future crises. Game designer Jane McGonigal wants to make it fun. 

34 min
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