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Alison Jones & Michelle Glogovac 06 May 2024 • EN

Episode 411 - How to get on podcasts with Michelle Glogovac

At this risk of going a bit meta, this is a brilliant conversation podcast about how brilliant podcast conversations are… Michelle Glogovac is an author and host of the My Simplified Life podcast, and a frequent guest on other podcasts. She’s passionate about the special, intimate connection that podcasts create betwee

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Greg McKeown & Alison Jones 26 Jan 2023 • EN

165. Turning Chaos Into Clarity with Alison Jones

Have you ever felt like there were just too many tabs open in your mind? Today, I've invited Alison Jones, the author of Exploratory Writing: Everyday Magic for Life and Work. By the end of this episode, you will have the simplest of tools that can produce extraordinary results. You'll discover an idea so simple, you'l

41 min
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Minter Dialogue with Alison Jones Alison Jones, MA MBA, has been a pioneer in publishing since 1992 from her days as an editor with Chambers Harrap and Oxford University Press to Director of Innovation Strategy at Macmillan, before setting up Practical Inspiration Publishing in 2014. Today she helps businesses leaders

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Alison Jones & Bernard Marr 04 Jul 2022 • EN

Tech Trends with Bernard Marr

'It's not very difficult to write a book, but you need to start writing... I put my content on LinkedIn, for example, and this is where you then get feedback and it just gets you into this routine of writing. And you can then very quickly build up a really good volume of content, that you can then turn into books.' Fut

Alison Jones & Daniel Pink 09 May 2022 • EN

The Power of Regret with Daniel H. Pink

'Writing is a form of figuring it out. And in fact for me, sometimes it's essential. It's like, what do you think about this? I don't know, I haven't written about it yet.' Dan Pink has written quite a few books, and they've done pretty well. So how does he do it? It's about showing up, he says, especially on the days

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Alison Jones & Christian Busch 10 Jan 2022 • EN

The serendipity mindset with Dr Christian Busch

They told Christian Busch that it would be 'academic suicide' to do a PhD on the science of luck. But it turns out that luck isn't a random force at all: the results may be unpredictable, but the process of becoming luckier is a simple matter of creating more connections and joining the dots more effectively.  In this

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