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Howie Jacobson & John Baldoni 26 Jul 2023 • EN

Cultivating Grace Under Pressure: John Baldoni on PYP 560

What is grace, and how can we use it to navigate challenging times with compassion and resilience? And why is it a prerequisite of modern leadership?

64 min
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Howie Jacobson & Peter Singer 19 May 2023 • EN

Practical Ethics for Our Time: Peter Singer on PYP 555

Peter Singer pretty much launched the animal rights and animal welfare movements in 1975 with the publication of Animal Liberation. Forty-eight years later, he's got a revised edition coming out: Animal Liberation Now.

53 min
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Howie Jacobson & Anna Lembke 30 Aug 2022 • EN

Navigating an Addictive World: Anna Lembke, MD on PYP 530

We are biologically hardwired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. But easy access to intense pleasure turns out to lead to intense suffering long-term. What are we do to?

52 min
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Howie Jacobson & Paul Shapiro 05 Jul 2022 • EN

Meat without Animals: Paul Shapiro on PYP 523

Humans will not stop eating and mistreating animals until animal-free meat is as delicious, convenient, and inexpensive as animal products. Today's guest explains how that's going to happen.

74 min
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Howie Jacobson & Dorie Clark 29 Jun 2022 • EN

Playing the Long Game: Dorie Clark on PYP 522

"It's really hard to be the best, but it's surprisingly easy to be ONE of the best." Dorie Clark helps us balance commitment and ambition in pursuit of a good life.

61 min
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Howie Jacobson & Ana Gabriel Mann 21 Jun 2022 • EN

How to Unlearn Bad Habits: Ana Gabriel Mann on PYP 521

Our bad habits can have deep roots, and superficial solutions only cause more distress. How can we pull out dysfunctional behaviors at the roots?

80 min
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