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Cortney McDermott is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and mind-body expert, with a Master of Science from the London School of Economics. Her work in the field of self-development and business strategy has been featured in Inc., Women’s Health, SUCCESS, The Huffington Post, FOX News, and many other mainstream business and lifestyle media.

 Cort's career highlights include her time as an executive at Vanity Fair Corporation, Vice President at Sustainability Partners Inc., and then running her own businesses, with clients and audiences at Universal Music Group, Google, Nike, and Virgin Unite.

 Cortney speaks four languages and lives between Italy and the US.

Cortney McDermott's Interviews

This week’s Misfit Entrepreneur is Cortney McDermott. Cortney went from a struggling temp secretary to a bestselling author, TEDxspeaker, and mind-body expert, with a Master of Science from the London School of Economics. Cortney's career includes being an executive at Vanity Fair, Vice President at Sustainability Part

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Lori Lee & Cortney McDermott 13 Dec 2023 • EN

Episode 260: The Key to Upleveling - Relax; Interview Cortney McDermott

Episode 260: The Key to Upleveling - Relax Interview Cortney McDermott Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. It’s December and we are winding down 2023 with two of the best episodes of the year. In a couple week’s we’ll have the Best of 2023 episode, which looks at download numbers for all the episodes throughout the

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Stephanie Martinez Rivera & Cortney McDermott 05 Dec 2023 • EN

Give Yourself Permission: How To Get Out of Our Way with Cortney McDermott

What is truly stopping you from living your life to the fullest? Most of the time, the ones not giving ourselves permission are us.  In this episode, I'm so excited to be joined by the fantastic Cortney McDermott. Cortney is a Keynote and TEDx Speaker, a Best-selling and Award-Winning Author, and a Mind-Body Expert. Sh

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Mike Siegel & Cortney McDermott 30 Nov 2023 • EN

Cortney McDermott

Author and speaker Cortney McDermott is a Chicago native who has lived in a small village in Northern Italy for over 20 years.

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Get the full show notes at: [Sponsor message: To get thicker, fuller and stronger hair, make sure to check out and get 15% off your order with code antiaginghacks] Cortney McDermott is a TEDx speaker, internationally recognized expert in self-d

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Cortney McDermott 18 Sep 2023 • EN

#179 Give Yourself Permission With Cortney McDermott

Could the answer to living a life of optimal health and vitality be found in ‘Giving Yourself Permission? In todays podcast episode we dive into: 🌟 The importance of giving yourself permission 🌟 Why you’re already the someone you wish you were 🌟 How playfulness can set us free  🌟 How to move from FOMO to JOMO (Joy

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