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Roger Dooley & Will Leach 23 Jan 2020 • EN

Marketing to Mindstates with Will Leach

Will Leach is the founder of TriggerPoint, a leading behavioral research and design consultancy specializing in Mindstate Marketing. With over 25 years of behavioral insights experience, Will is also a behavioral design instructor at the Cox School of Business BLC at Southern Methodist University and the CEO of the Min

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Kurt Nelson + Tim Houlihan & Will Leach 17 Dec 2018 • EN

Will Leach: Marketing to Mindstates

Will Leach is a marketer, econometrician and author whose recent book, Marketing to Mindstates, captured our attention before it was even published. His clever, behaviorally-focused marketing messages were provocative and we were excited to have him as a guest.  Will’s book focuses on 4 key mind states: Activating a go

70 min
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Nick Westergaard & Will Leach 10 Dec 2018 • EN

Why You Should Market to Mindstates with Will Leach

“The science is just sitting out there in academia.” That’s why consultant, educator, and author Will Leach decided to package it up in a revolutionary new book. Marketing to Mindstates is about looking beyond traditional market research by understanding and appealing to your audience when they’re in the optimal mindst

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