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Steve Weatherford & Pierce Showe 25 Oct 2023 • EN

Finding Your Tribe To Run Your Race (With Pierce Showe)

In this episode of the Steve Weatherford show, Steve brings in somebody who’s really good at not just running their race, but running it all the way to completion. Pierce Showe is Steve’s right hand man, he’s also a ultramarathon runner, and just became the Youngest person EVER to complete the triple crown of completin

62 min
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Steve Weatherford & Nick Bare 17 May 2023 • EN

Navigating Seasons of Transition With Nick Bare

You may have heard Steve on Nick Bare’s show but this time the roles get reversed as Steve sits down to interview Nick. Nick Bare is the visionary founder of Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN), a renowned fitness brand known for its high-quality supplements. With a background in the United States Army, Nick's commitment

52 min
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Steve Weatherford & Pierce Showe 12 Apr 2023 • EN

From 5k To Ultraman With Pierce Showe

Pierce Showe is a 22 year old, faith filled ultra endurance runner on a mission to inspire people to become all who God has created them to be by doing hard things. He is also my armor bearer and helps bring my vision to life.   In this episode, Pierce shares his testimony of how God has worked in his life through runn

80 min
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Steve Weatherford & John Highley 25 Nov 2022 • EN

Answering God’s Call with The Marketing Savage John Highley

John Highley popped into my life about a year ago. He also moved to Frisco, TX, pursuing alignment as I did. Since John has become very consistent in my life, I invited him so you can listen to his testimony directly. People call John “Pastor Savage” because he operates the online Church Of The Savage. Besides, he has

55 min
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Do you want to see what winning looks like? Do you want to know if you have what it takes to be a hardcore winner? As a man, you naturally love the thrill of adventure, the dangerous ride, and the chase for the unknown. Little did you know that you don’t have to experience everything firsthand to learn the lessons you

49 min
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Danny Miranda & Steve Weatherford 21 Mar 2022 • EN

#213: Steve Weatherford – Choose Your Hard

Topics: (2:00) 490 days ago (6:10) “Are you on steroids, Steve?!” (10:02) Why do we get so obsessed? (17:45) *audio issues - it gets better at 23:40* (25:41) Crazy story/coincidence about getting saved by Jesus (36:28) Choose your hard (42:57) Operating from a wound for 25 years (44:01) What allows Steve to lead with v

54 min
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