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Have you ever wondered how you can ditch the career ladder and find an alternative route to success, where progression doesn’t just depend on promotion? Have you asked yourself, what am I good at? What do I stand for? What motivates and drives me? This week Holly speaks with Helen and Sarah, co-founders of Amazing If,

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Sarah Ellis & Jennifer Moss 19 Jul 2022 • EN

#288 Beyond Burnout - Ask the Expert with Jennifer Moss

This week we have an ‘Ask the Expert’ conversation between Sarah and Jennifer Moss. Jen is an award winning journalist and author of The Burnout Epidemic. Together Sarah and Jen discuss the causes and consequences of burnout. They also explore what we can do individually and as organisations to go beyond burnout and cr

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Helen Tupper + Sarah Ellis & Johann Hari 25 Feb 2022 • EN

#264 How to find focus and increase your attention with Johann Hari

In this final episode in our series on how to find your focus Sarah talks to writer Johann Hari about his new book Stolen Focus - why you can't pay attention. Johann shares the factors that influence whether we can pay attention and how we can take regain control of finding our focus at work. Ways to learn more: 1. Dow

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Helen Tupper + Sarah Ellis & Emma Gannon 23 Feb 2022 • EN

#262 How to find focus and disconnect with Emma Gannon

This is the second of four episodes on how to find your focus. In this episode, Sarah talks to writer and podcaster Emma Gannon. Together they explore some of the key themes in Emma's new book (Dis)connected, including how you can reclaim time for yourself, how to redefine your relationship with technology and why disc

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Emma Gannon & Sarah Ellis 10 Feb 2022 • EN

#368 Sarah Ellis: How To Coach Yourself Through Tricky Times

Sarah Ellis is my return guest today! She is one of the founders of Amazing If, alongside Helen Tupper, which is an award-winning career development company. They are the co-hosts of the book and podcast, Squiggly Careers. Today, Sarah is back on the podcast to talk about her new book You Coach You, which I really enjo

44 min
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Sarah Ellis + Helen Tupper & Ethan Kross 18 Jan 2022 • EN

#254 You Coach You: Self Belief with Ethan Kross

In part 3 of this 6 part series Helen and Sarah bring to life some of the ideas and insights from their new book You Coach You. They talk to experts to get their thoughts on how we can help ourselves through some of the knottier moments in a squiggly career. Every episode relates to a chapter in the book and this episo

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