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Andrew Keen & Margaret Heffernan 25 Jan 2023 • EN

Forget Generative AI: Margaret Heffernan on Why the Future is Up To Us

In this KEEN ON episode, Andrew talks to UNCHARTED author Margaret Heffernan about generative AI, the Shell Seven, James Baldwin vs William F. Buckley and why the future is really up to us. ABOUT MARGARET HEFFERNAN: Dr. Margaret Heffernan produced programmes for the BBC for 13 years. She then moved to the US where she

25 min
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Nada Lena & Margaret Heffernan 10 Jun 2022 • EN

#418 With Margaret Heffernan on The Big Impact Of Small Change

Dr. Margaret Heffernan produced programs for the BBC for 13 years. She then moved to the US where she spearheaded multimedia productions for Intuit, The Learning Company, and Standard&Poors. She was Chief Executive of InfoMation Corporation, ZineZone Corporation, and then iCast Corporation, was named one of the “Top 25

19 min
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Caroline Dowd-Higgins & Margaret Heffernan 11 Jan 2021 • EN

Your Working Life - Margaret Heffernan Episode

Margaret Heffernan talks about the people and organizations that aren’t daunted by uncertainty.

26 min
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Russ Roberts & Margaret Heffernan 07 Sep 2020 • EN

Margaret Heffernan on Uncharted

How do we prepare for a future that is unpredictable? That's the question at the heart of Margaret Heffernan's new book, Uncharted: How to Navigate the Future. Heffernan is a professor at the University of Bath, but she is also a serial entrepreneur, a former CEO, and the author of five books on leadership, innovation,

64 min
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Martin Reeves & Margaret Heffernan 01 Sep 2020 • EN

Uncharted with Margaret Heffernan

Margaret Heffernan is a Texas-born, Cambridge educated author, former media CEO, award-winning journalist, and BBC documentary maker whose TED Talks have been viewed more than twelve million times. Her six previous books include Willful Blindness, which was named one of the most important business books of the decade b

27 min
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Demetri Kofinas & Margaret Heffernan 17 Aug 2020 • EN

Uncharted Future: Learning to Navigate an Unpredictable World | Margaret Heffernan

In Episode 151 of Hidden Forces, In Episode 151 of Hidden Forces, Demetri Kofinas speaks with journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker Margaret Heffernan, whose best-selling book Willful Blindness, was named one of the most important business books of the decade by the Financial Times. Her latest book, “Uncharted,

63 min
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