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Paul Gilmartin & Gianmarco Soresi 01 Dec 2023 • EN

#672 Trust Issues - Gianmarco Soresi

Gianmarco Soresi @GianmarcoSoresi is a stand-up comedian, actor, and podcast host (The Downside). He reflects on what it’s like to look back on your childhood and realize that not everything was as it seemed. He talks about mourning the loss of who you thought your parents were, the complexities and drama of divorce, a

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Alison Rosen & Paul Gilmartin 23 Oct 2023 • EN

Paul Gilmartin Is Back!

It's been too long since actor, host, comic and woodworker Paul Gilmartin (The Mental Illness Happy Hour) has been on the show and we have a ton to catch up on. We discuss his divorce, boundaries, recovery, standup, an incredibly dark episode of MIHH, Dinner and a Movie, massage parlors, the urge to chat and more. Plus

87 min
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Paul Gilmartin & Aparna Nancherla 13 Oct 2023 • EN

#665 Aparna Nancherla Returns - Imposter Syndrome

Aparna Nancherla @Aparnapkin is a comedian, writer, and actor (Mythic Quest, Crashing) and today she joins Paul to discuss her new book Unreliable Narrator: Me, Myself, and Imposter Syndrome. She talks about her impulse for negative self-talk, how she keeps going anyway, and how she learned the value of speaking up abo

73 min
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This week Ash talks with Paul Gilmartin, an American stand-up comedian, podcast host, and television personality best known as the longtime host of TBS's Dinner and a Movie. Paul is here to discuss mental health, the power of support groups and offer guidance on how you can heal too. Paul and Ash have a deep and intima

46 min
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Paul Gilmartin & Kyle Kinane 01 Sep 2023 • EN

#659 Kyle Kinane - Unpacking My Sh*t

Kyle Kinane is a standup comedian and recovering “party guy” who’s started doing some work on himself and his relationships. He talks about growing out of the party scene, shifting his perspectives, and getting over what other people think of you. Check out his new YouTube comedy special, Shocks & Struts.  Watch his ne

100 min
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Paul Gilmartin & Caroline Leaf 18 Aug 2023 • EN

#657 The Meds Debate - Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a communication pathologist and neuroscientist who has been studying the mind-brain connection and the nature of mental health for decades. She and Paul discuss the role of medication in your mental health routine and how it relates to the processing of trauma. Check out Dr. Leaf’s podcast Cleaning

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