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Linda Heeler & Sara Troy 20 Apr 2022 • EN

The Truth about Self Discovery, with Sara Troy

Episode 46.  For 10 plus years, Sara Troy and her hosts at Self Discovery Media have lived within the philosophy of authenticity. With thoughtful guidance from extraordinary people from all across the world, they have come together to share those stories that make a difference in the lives of others. She now has 3000 s

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Sara Troy & Linda Heeler 18 Apr 2022 • EN

C22-16 Linda Heeler, Normal Lies in Life

Coaching gave me my life back. I had so much social anxiety that it was easier to lose myself in my family and work. Therapy helped but I still had crippling fear and anxiety every time I wanted to try something new. Now I’m living an amazing life and doing things I never thought possible. The best part is, that I’m he

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Lindsay White & Linda Heeler 17 Sep 2021 • EN

The Most Expensive Lesson with Linda Heeler!

In today’s episode, I sit down with Linda Heeler. Linda is a Professional Certified Coach, owner of Live Inspired Life Coaching, and host of the Normal Lies podcast. Linda brings a unique set of skills and knowledge developed from her experience as a wife, mother, dental hygienist, animal lover, volunteer, and active m

40 min
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Linda Heeler & Lindsay White 25 Aug 2021 • EN

Lies of Work/Life Balance, with Lindsay White

Episode 26.   How do you feel about the term work/life balance?   If you"re like Linda, you are not a fan.   Lindsay White offers a different perspective she calls work & life blend. Join the conversation and see if this resonates with you like it did with Linda. Lindsay White, of High Voltage Leadership, is a sought-a

43 min
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