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Nicole De Larzac & Lindsay White 22 Apr 2022 • EN

Leadership Lessons - on the Female Founder Friday Podcast with Lindsay White

Have you thought of yourself as a leader?  If you’re an entrepreneur, you are by default a leader.  You lead your team,  you lead your suppliers, and you lead yourself. I was recently on the Female Founder Friday podcast with Lindsay White who is a Leadership coach.  We had an interesting conversation about leadership

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Lindsay White & Nicole De Larzac 01 Apr 2022 • EN

Find Your "Why" with Nicole de Larzac

Nicole (@nicoledelarzac) and her husband had just relocated to Australia when they discovered they were pregnant with their first child. Nicole had been marketing products for huge international brands, such as Kraft Foods and Coca Cola, and she was hesitant to give up a job that she loved…but she knew she needed more

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Nicole De Larzac & Lindsay White 23 Dec 2021 • EN

Leadership Starts from Within - Lindsay White

When you have a small business, you may think that leadership is not as important or as valuable, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.   As we learn from this week’s podcast guest, leadership is just as important when you’re starting out as it is when you have a large company. In this episode, we hear from Lind

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