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Lindsay Recknell & Ashley Graham 13 Apr 2022 • EN

S10 | E03 Owning Your Conscious Voice with Ashley Graham

Your voice matters. Both your internal and external voice. Are you in tune with that part of yourself? Today I’m joined by Ashley Graham, a publicist and PR coach who specializes in conscious communications, to discuss owning your conscious voice. Owning your conscious voice is all about self-reflection and finding opp

34 min
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Lindsay White & Lindsay Recknell 18 Jun 2021 • EN

Discovering the Science of Hope with Lindsay Recknell

Today’s Podcast guest, Lindsay Recknell, is a speaker, facilitator and mental health advocate who has experienced the power of hope firsthand and used it to create positive change in her life. Lindsay’s work is all about helping others rediscover hope amid challenge – and teaching us how to use it to create radical pos

33 min
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Lindsay Recknell & Lindsay White 03 Feb 2021 • EN

S05 | 02 - Getting Out of Fear and Back Into Purpose with Lindsay White

The global pandemic and its economic fallout have been especially tough on women owned small businesses. How can you find hope beyond what seems like the end of your future? Today’s guest, Lindsay White, is here to help us see that there is always a possibility, we just need to look for it. Ask yourself: What do you va

35 min
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Lindsay Recknell & Abby Herman 02 Sep 2020 • EN

S03 | 04 - Hope as an investment in life with Abby Herman

Can't wait for you to meet another awesome human, Abby Herman, in this week's episode of the podcast. When I first met Abby, she was offering me hope in the form of content strategy for my website but since then, she's become a really great friend. One of the things I appreciate the most about Abby is her focus and ded

39 min
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