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April Adams Pertuis & Marisa Corcoran 13 Sep 2023 • EN

Leave 'em Wanting More with Your Copywriting with Marisa Corcoran

Copywriting is such an important aspect of the business world. It takes concepts and products and weaves them into captivating stories. And what makes it truly remarkable is its power to not only grab attention but also forge a meaningful connection between brand and audience. In today's busy marketplace, mastering the

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People share their stories in different ways. Some do it on the big stage, others do it through podcasts (like this one!), and still others do it through books. And then there are those who do it through the lens of a camera and also help others share their stories through photography.   Lisa Haukom is a story-based se

46 min
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April Adams Pertuis & Mark Carpenter 01 Feb 2023 • EN

Becoming a Master Storyteller with Mark Carpenter

When I meet and talk to someone who is as passionate about storytelling as I am, you can be sure I’ll bring on that individual as my guest on the podcast. And today, I’ve done just that.   Mark Carpenter is a Chief Storyteller who aims to help people teach, lead, sell, and inspire through intentional storytelling for b

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April Adams Pertuis & Phyllis Nichols 17 Aug 2022 • EN

"Women's Voices Amplified" - SoundAdvice.FM with Phyllis Nichols

It’s our 100th episode and what better way to celebrate this milestone than to have the person who helped me start my podcast two years ago on the show!! Phyllis Nichols is the founder of SoundAdvice Strategies, a podcast production company. She’s best known for helping clients create unique audio experiences for their

57 min
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April Adams Pertuis & Jen Lehner 10 Aug 2022 • EN

Becoming a Front Row CEO with Jen Lehner

There was a time in my business where I couldn’t keep up with everything that was happening. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated, and I knew I had to do something if I wanted to change the way things were going. Enter Jen Lehner and her Front Row CEO program. When she shared her method with me, I listened and took action

65 min
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April Adams Pertuis & Alyson DeMaso 27 Apr 2022 • EN

Reclaiming Joy in an Overworked World with Alyson DeMaso

When you work in an industry that promotes beauty, it can sometimes become difficult to distinguish between looking beautiful and BEING beautiful. Alyson DeMaso thought she was living the perfect life, until a series of events forced her to look deeper and evaluate what was really happening in and around her. She event

58 min
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