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When I first started this podcast I had so many creative ideas and big ambitions for how to connect with other ADHD women, but actually executing my ideas consistently was a whole different story. Even though I was drowning on my own, I couldn’t imagine hiring someone to help me with the tasks I was struggling with. Wh

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April Adams Pertuis & Jen Lehner 10 Aug 2022 • EN

Becoming a Front Row CEO with Jen Lehner

There was a time in my business where I couldn’t keep up with everything that was happening. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated, and I knew I had to do something if I wanted to change the way things were going. Enter Jen Lehner and her Front Row CEO program. When she shared her method with me, I listened and took action

65 min
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Catherine Avery & Jen Lehner 12 May 2022 • EN

Digital Marketing, the Front Row, and Roller Blades

Jen Lehner, our guest today, will wow you with all things digital marketing. We discuss how to batch content and how to make it short form. Jen explains the best times to use long form content and how to choose the different digital platforms. Jen takes a live case study of my lead magnet and shows how you can build a

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Jen Lehner & Brian Dean 06 Apr 2021 • EN

SEO quick wins that you can implement right now with Brian Dean

Our guest today, Brian Dean, is the founder of and the co-founder of Exploding Topics. He's been featured on hundreds of major media outlets, including Forbes Inc, Entrepreneur and Fast Company. When I ran across his blog a few months ago, I was completely blown away. In my opinion Brian has mastered what

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Phyllis Nichols + Kelvin Nichols & Jen Lehner 11 Mar 2021 • EN

Jen Lehner and The Front Row Podcast for Entrepreneurs

Jen Lehner joined Kelvin and I on the podcast and talked about her journey starting her podcast. You’re going to love hearing how she got Gary Vaynerchuk to record the intro to her podcast. It’s such a good story and a great reminder that little bit of persistence and the willingness to ask is everything! She also brea

24 min
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Jen Lehner & Greg McKeown 28 Jul 2020 • EN

Essentialism with Greg McKeown

Today’s podcast is incredible! I promise you’re going to find this helpful. Guest Greg McKeown the author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. I have read this book 3 times and when I surveyed my business peers asking which book they found most helpful, Greg’s book was mentioned more than any other. In cas

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