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Angie Trueblood & Laura Khalil 19 Dec 2023 • EN

A 250K Corporate Contract w/Laura Khalil

When talking about podcast guesting, the initial impact is obviously from listeners hearing you. But suppose you really focus on leveraging the relationship that you create with the host. In that case, you're able to expand that interview's impact beyond what you might have originally intended. Similarly, my guest toda

35 min
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Diann Wingert & Laura Khalil 31 May 2022 • EN

The $250K Business Breakthrough with Laura Khalil

This is a conversation I have been looking forward to having for quite a while because my guest, Laura Khalil specializes in helping female consultants make $250K.  First off,   I was intensely curious, why $250K,  when the majority of business coaches and consultants are talking about helping their clients hit 6-figur

66 min
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Annie P. Ruggles & Laura Khalil 14 Jun 2021 • EN

On Joy, Haters & Uncle Buck (feat. Laura Khalil)

Do your clients bring joy into your life - not in the form of the money they give you, but in terms of their presence in your life? Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurship is a JOB and a freaking hard one. But, surrounding yourself with people that fill you up with laughter, support, or comfort? It can mean the di

57 min
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Angela Proffitt & Laura Khalil 23 Jun 2020 • EN

Brave by Design with Laura Khalil

How do you cope with stress? What are the traits of a great leader? How do you develop the habit of building authentic communication and connection with colleagues? In this episode, I chat with Laura Khalil, Speaker, Trainer and Chief Storyteller of Brave by Design all about unlocking the code to becoming magnetic to h

52 min
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