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Do you dream of scaling your business without the hassle of convoluted systems or questionable sales tactics? If yes, this episode with our fascinating, quirky and fun guest, Erika Tebbens, is just right for you.  Welcome to an enlightening episode featuring Erika Tebbens, a growth strategist and sales coach with almos

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Erika Tebbens and Jennifer Battle join me this week in discussing the importance of creating inclusive and welcoming spaces -- something business owners talk a lot about but struggle to truly make real. In this episode we talk about what we should really be asking marginalized humans about how to make business spaces "

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Lee Chaix McDonough & Erika Tebbens 28 Mar 2022 • EN

Bringing Integrity to Your Sales Process with Erika Tebbens

For many coaches, it’s the dreaded S-word. The part of their practice that they wish they could avoid forever. But no matter how we feel about it, sales is an essential part of being in business. Today I’m joined by dynamic sales expert, Erika Tebbens, who is on a mission to change the way we think about sales. Erika i

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Erika Tebbens & Nicole Kalil 17 Nov 2021 • EN

Building Your Confidence to Sell w/ Nicole Kalil

Feeling confident is such an important part of running a thriving business. While nobody is 100% confident 100% of the time, the good news is that there are things we can all do to build our own confidence. In this interview with Nicole Kalil, she shares the 5 most common confidence derailers, and the 5 best confidence

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Diann Wingert & Erika Tebbens 27 Jul 2021 • EN

Overcoming Sales Avoidance with Erika Tebbens

Far too many fabulous female entrepreneurs are falling short of their income goals because they are brilliant at what they do but they suck at selling, so I invited sales and marketing consultant Erika Tebbens to join me on the podcast.  Erika helps women and gender-expansive entrepreneurs get comfortable getting paid.

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I’m excited to chat with Erika Tebbens, a kick-ass female business consultant who brings entrepreneurs to the next level. We chat about networking, following through and how to sell with integrity. Making Connections to Make Sales I noticed the most important aspect of coaching and online business, in general, is the l

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