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696 Sleep Smartly with Shawn Stevenson

21 Sep 2018 • 5 min • EN
5 min
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YOUR BODY IS WIRED TO WORK WITH NATURE. Sleep is so important. So why do we do so many things that keep us from getting the sleep we need? If we want to optimize our performance and our life, we have to think about sleep. Humans used to sleep when it was dark. Now so many of us do the “laptop lapdance” at night, keeping our bodies awake with unnatural light. We can change our schedule and environment to get a deeper rest at night. To help you understand more on the topic I wanted to bring you this clip from a conversation I had with the King of Sleep: Shawn Stevenson. Shawn’s health podcast- The Model Health Show- has millions of listener downloads a year. He’s a bestselling author, has been featured on many major media outlets, and is an in-demand keynote speaker. He’s the founder of Advanced Integrative Health Alliance which helps people and companies with health services worldwide. Like Shawn says in the episode, “We are infinite beings.” We have the power to have a great night’s sleep. Learn how to change your habits to change your sleep in Episode 696. In This Episode You Will Learn: Why laptops can hinder sleep (0:54) The biology of light and sleep (1:44) The difference between going to sleep and passing out (2:47) The best time to work out for good sleep (3:38)

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