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The Science Of Body Fat & Epicaloric Controllers

12 Nov 2021 • 131 min • EN
131 min
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In our culture, where more than two-thirds of our citizens are overweight or obese, we tend to think of body fat as an inherently negative thing. But your body fat is a critically important component of your body and your overall health. Certainty, there is such a thing as bad fat or an excess of fat, but fat is not the enemy. In fact, our body fat is a vital part of our evolution and it’s what makes us the resilient humans that we are today.  Today you’re going to learn about the five categories of fat and how they operate in the body. You’re also going to hear about why calories alone cannot dictate your body weight, and what the key epicaloric controllers are that determine how your fat is stored. This episode is my interview on my good friend Lewis Howes’ podcast, The School of Greatness, as part of the promotion for my newest book, Eat Smarter.  I’m sharing some of the key insights I learned in my research for Eat Smarter, including how your diet influences your hormones and metabolism, how calories are processed and stored in the body, the link between your microbiome and your metabolism, and a whole lot more. So listen in, and enjoy my interview from The School of Greatness Podcast!  In this episode you’ll discover: What the five categories of fat are, and their roles in the body. Where fat is actually burned.  What the powerplants of your cells are.  How the process of fat loss occurs. What hormone-sensitive lipase and lipoprotein lipase are. The relationship between insulin and glucagon.  How calories were discovered and ultimately applied to nutrition.  Why caloric intake alone cannot predict weight.  Approximately how many hormones we have. How the consumption of processed foods can lead to metabolic dysfunction. Why it matters how your food is prepared.   What the thermic effect of food is.  What digestive efficiency is. How the microbiome plays a role in nutrient absorption.  The importance of eating a variety of foods.  What you should know about intermittent fasting.  The role of omega 3 fatty acids.  What the six macronutrients are.  The number one indicator of how much water you should be drinking.  What gluconeogenesis is.  A surprising link between violence and nutrition.  Items mentioned in this episode include: -- Get a FREE sample pack for the cost of shipping! -- Get an exclusive discount on your daily health elixirs! Eat Smarter Sleep Smarter  The School of Greatness Podcast with Lewis Howes Join TMHS Facebook community - Model Nation  Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes:  Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify Soundcloud *Download Transcript

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