Robert Breedlove & Michael Saylor , The "What is Money?" Show

WiM005 - The Saylor Series | Episode 5 | Channeling Monetary Energy Across Time and Space

24 Dec 2020 • 130 min • EN
130 min
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Michael Saylor joins me to discuss anthropology, energy, and technology from first principles as we build the intellectual foundation necessary to truly grasp the historic significance of Bitcoin. 00:00:00 - Episode Trailer 00:01:06 - Swan Bitcoin 00:03:23 - Robert's Intro 00:06:08 - Channeling Monetary Energy thru Time & Space 00:09:08 - Shipping Energy via Rubber Raft vs. Wooden Ship vs. Steel Tanker 00:11:34 - Vacuum sealing food energy & encrypting monetary energy 00:13:01 - Creating a wall encrypted energy 00:14:07 - “Money is Power” Monetary Energy is a highest form of power. How much power can flow into Bitcoin? Price is Voltage. 00:16:12 - Thoughts on S2F model. 00:17:12 - Bitcoin Power= function of Adoption, Utility, Productivity, & Inflation 00:17:48 - Adoption -Measuring & defining (Hodlers, Treasury Reserves) Mercenary Traders vs. Citizen Owners – Degree of Commitment 00:24:39 - Bitcoin is a closed thermodynamic system 00:26:02 - Degrees of Commitment to Adoption of Bitcoin (True Adoption Rate) 00:26:49 - Perils of leveraging with insurance vs. BTC treasury reserves 00:39:54 - Perils of leveraging with debt vs. BTC treasury reserves 00:33:59 - Inflation drives debt drives fragility 00:35:04 - Currency wars make cash toxic -inflation vs. hyperinflation (chemotherapy, diabetes, metabolic disease, organ death) 00:39:03 - Calculating overall adoption of monetary network & progression 00:41:54 - Comparison to (and limits of) Facebook, Apple networks 00:43:49 - Adoption by NGOs, Governments, Institutions, Investors, Companies 00:45:39 - Teamwork, Syndicated Energy, & Historic Examples 00:46:49 - Bitcoin adoption organizes & channels energy participants 00:47:55 - Perils of Trading Bitcoin & Benefits of Hodling Bitcoin High Frequency SoV, Low Frequency MoE 00:59:49 - “Nothing wrong with living forever” 00:51:49 - Benefits of Never Selling an Asset & Using it for Debt 00:55:04 - The ideal holding period of an asset is forever 00:55:59 - Avoiding fragility from leverage, risk models 01:01:59 - Impact of Interest Rates on Financing 01:02:19 - Increasing the Utility of the Bitcoin Network 01:06:13 - Impact of Productivity Growth on the Bitcoin Network Sweeping cash flows into the network 01:09:17 - Creating the first cyber economy via Bitcoin 01:10:34 - Comparison to American economy 01:12:49 - “A swarm of military assets behind a wall of water” 01:14:39 - Crucibles of Innovation require an Insulator to preserve Energy 01:15:20 - Impact of Inflation on Power of the Bitcoin Network Translating energy into fiat frame of reference 01:18:31 - Value of Bitcoin varies by Domain, Inflation Rate drive rate of Adoption 01:19:49 - Final Thoughts of Bitcoin Network Power Equation & Adoption 01:23:04 - Bitcoin is the first conservative monetary energy system Energy is truth…can be neither created nor destroyed 01:24:09 - Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Energy is the ultimate scarce asset in the university Laws of Thermodynamics. You can’t cheat. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Newtons Laws are the basis of all mechanics. Bitcoin is the first time Technology crashed into Economics 01:30:14 - Robert's Outro 02:10:27 - End -- See My Work: Contribute Bitcoin: 3D1gfxKZKMtfWaD1bkwiR6JsDzu6e9bZQ7 Stack sats: Twitter:

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