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Lovingly or Manipulating? Navigating Narcissistic Abuse with Shannon Petrovich

19 Oct 2023 • 85 min • EN
85 min
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Narcissism. Maybe it's one of the most misunderstood psychological disorders of modern society. It is with an increased frequency, we hear such refrains - “He was a total narcissist”—but was he? What does that really mean? And are these assumptions often correct? We’ve all experienced difficult relationships - from our significant others to our boss at work. In the relationship FOG of narcissistic, abusive, or other toxic behaviors - feelings of paralysis, anxiety, depression, confusion, disorientation - may at times surface. Leaving one not knowing who you are anymore, or how you got to this dark place in your life. Often feeling as terrifying and mystifying as ocean fog. Dealing with a difficult boss or coworker can test your patience and be a drag on your productivity. But working with a clinical narcissist, on the other hand, can be downright unhealthy. And Furthermore; sharing your day-to-day life with a narcissist - is particularly traumatizing and horrific. A survivor of narcissistic relationships, Shannon Petrovich, guides listeners on a journey of rediscovering their self-worth, learning to recognize and set boundaries, and ultimately separating from the toxic bonds of love-bombing. "Love is a verb in our gooey-gooey culture. We tend to think if we felt something, then we are being loved. But in reality, a person with narcissism or narcissistic traits is not loving you. They're controlling you, manipulating you." Shannon Petrovich is a relationship expert and author, specializing in helping survivors of narcissistic abuse. She is passionate about helping people untangle unhealthy attachments and find their bearings after experiencing trauma. Shannon Petrovich learned the hard way that Narcissistic relationships are not based on love. She experienced the cycle of love bombing, devaluing, and gaslighting that left her emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. Her insight into the three P's - people pleasing, placating, and peacekeeping - trapped her in the trauma bond of a toxic relationship. Finally, she overcame the cycle by understanding her own character qualities and values, setting boundaries, and asserting her own needs. This allowed her to break the trauma bond and reclaim herself as a survivor. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. What is the difference between love and love bombing? 2. How can survivors break the trauma bond of a toxic relationship? 3. What are the three P's of people pleasing, placating, and peacekeeping, and how can they be used to identify a toxic relationship? Other episodes you'll enjoy: By The Power Invested in Me: Vice, Virtue and The Ways We Attempt to Signal Superiority Credits: JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Featured Guest: Shannon Petrovich Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production, and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Senior Program Director: Anna Getz Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here:

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