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008 - Kevin Wohlmut on the Cultural Struggle around AI

19 Apr 2023 • 69 min • EN
69 min
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In this episode of the KMO Show, KMO and Kevin Wohlmut delve into the complex world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential dangers and consequences on our lives. They discuss Eliezer Yudkowsky's seventeen reasons why AI is more dangerous than nuclear weapons and consider the different types of dangers posed by AI compared to nuclear weapons. The conversation touches on the role of AI in everyday life, specifically in the context of social media and chatbots, and the potential consequences of forming emotional attachments to them. Exploring the competition between tech giants like Google and Microsoft to rush AI technology to the marketplace, KMO and Kevin consider the potential risks associated with this race. They also discuss the role of AI in advertising and how it may influence purchasing decisions, as well as the challenges in eliminating bias from AI outputs. The discussion delves into the controversial company Cambridge Analytica and its involvement in big data and targeted advertising, and touches on the concept of AI as a "super persuader." KMO and Kevin also consider the rapid growth in AI capabilities and how these advancements are changing the world, as well as the impact of AI on various industries, such as art and translation. They discuss the importance of adjusting to this new technology as it continues to evolve and affect our lives, and tackle the influence of AI on our daily lives and the potential consequences of allowing it to grow unchecked. Join KMO and Kevin Wohlmut as they explore the complex world of AI and its implications on our future.

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