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KMO & Kevin Wohlmut 19 Apr 2023 • EN

008 - Kevin Wohlmut on the Cultural Struggle around AI

In this episode of the KMO Show, KMO and Kevin Wohlmut delve into the complex world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential dangers and consequences on our lives. They discuss Eliezer Yudkowsky's seventeen reasons why AI is more dangerous than nuclear weapons and consider the different types of dangers posed

69 min
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This week we talk about the intersections of large language models, the golden age of television and its storytelling mishaps, making one’s way through the weirding of the labor economy, and much more with two of my favorite Gen X science fiction aficionados, OG podcaster KMO and our mutual friend Kevin Arthur Wohlmut.

106 min
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KMO & Kevin Wohlmut + Michael Garfield 01 Mar 2023 • EN

001 - Michael Garfield and Kevin Wohlmut

In this inaugural episode of the KMO Show, KMO, Michael Garfield of the Future Fossils podcast and mutual friend, Kevin Wohlmut, discuss the dawning of the epistemological apocalypse. Thanks to AI, we can't really trust our eyes or our ears anymore. Deep faked images and voices can produce "evidence" that people said a

61 min
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This week is a watershed moment for Future Fossils Podcast: the show’s first guest host! My friend Kevin Arthur Wohlmut is an engineer who creates occasional one-shot podcasts of fiction and nonfiction, and (according to him) worries about the future too much. We met at InterPlanetary Festival last year on the visit th

87 min
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